Pets are one of the biggest advantages of working from home. Pets are also one of the biggest distractions of working from home. Most pet owners love the chance to spend more time with their beloved animals, but they also have to get work done. And the more you are around your pets, the more attention they tend to expect! If you are trying to figure out how to work from home with pets, use these tips to keep everyone happy:

Tire them Out

A tired pet is much less likely to be jumping into the shot when you’re on a video call or barking during an important meeting. Take time with your pets before your work day starts to expel some energy so they can be active enough to rest while you work. 

Some great ways to exhaust your pet during the day are:

Try to schedule a few play sessions during breaks throughout the day so your pet is equally engaged and tired enough to give you time to work in peace. Exercise can also keep your pets healthy, which means you can continue to work from home with them for many years to come.

Create Boundaries for Your Work Space

Cats and dogs love to be a part of whatever you are doing. You will need to create a boundary to protect your important work space when you need to focus or have an important call. Close your office door if that is an option. Or take advantage of dog and cat gates near your computer or desk if you don’t need to banish them from your office completely. Using a gate or other barrier means that your pet can still be entertained with your presence without completely disrupting your workday. 

Cats especially love to be right in front of your face and your screen. If possible, give them a warm place nearby where they can be in the middle of things without actually being in your way. 

Teach your dog the “place” command. If your dog is trained to respond to “place”, it will help them settle and stay in one spot. Train them to place on multiple objects, including a bed near your desk but not in your way.

Entertain Your Pets with Distractions

When you work from home, some days are much busier than others. If you have a day full of meetings that makes it hard to step away to play with your pet, you can find other distractions so you can stay focused on work.

  • Try frozen treats, or freeze xylitol-free peanut butter inside a Kong, to keep them occupied. 
  • Invest in battery-operated toys your pet can chase or high-tech gadgets that keep them occupied. 
  • Surprise them with puzzle toys or snuffle mats that hide treats. Not only do toys like this keep your pet entertained and engaged, but they also ensure that you have a little bit of time to focus on what you need to do to finish your work for the day. 
  • Give your pet access to a window so they can watch the world while you work. For cats, a place with birds or squirrels will be very exciting.
  • Leave the TV on in another room if possible. Some pets enjoy watching. Choose a show that has other animals or something with easy, colorful action. 

The sooner you finish, the sooner you can go back to enjoying some quality time with your pet.

Consider Doggie Daycare

If you have a tight deadline or need full concentration, consider a local doggie daycare. Your dog can play and have attention while you work. Some daycares require an introduction day so you would want to do that when you have time so that your dog is ready to join a daycare group when you need to focus. Most dogs enjoy going to doggie daycare.

At OVRS, we love being a part of enhancing the human-animal bond between you and your pets, and want to help you enjoy a long life together. That includes helping you work from home with pets. To learn more about our veterinary services in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, please call (866) 334-6877.