How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting World Domination

With their cute little faces and irresistible toe beans, cats really would make the perfect spies. Who would suspect that a cat is plotting world domination? They can slink in and out of practically any location. People either stop to give them all the attention or completely ignore them. They can jump to great heights, and some can even open doors on their own. But how can you tell if your cat and his cute little whiskers are secretly planning to take over the world? We’ve got some tips on how to spot his plans:


My Dog’s Tips on Living a Low-Stress Life

Humans stress too much. Dogs know how to live. I think we can all collectively agree that the world is full of stress at the moment, so I asked my favorite pup how to enjoy a low-stress life. Here’s what he had to say:

All the Plays

Playtime is the best time. I know this. Feeling sad it’s not time for dinner yet? Play. Unsure why your second favorite human left so long ago and isn’t home yet? Play. Humans using angry voices? Play. Playtime cures all my sads. That’s why I do it so much. 


How to Survive Nights with a Hyperactive Cat

Do you have a hyperactive cat? Meowing at all hours. Incessant scratching. Zoomies. All the zoomies. Doesn’t it always seem like your cat goes into hyperactive mode when you’re trying to wind down for the night? This hyperactivity, or “midnight crazies,” can be difficult to deal with—especially when it starts to mess with your sleep. How can you quash this boisterous nighttime behavior and encourage your cat to rest in the evening? Keep reading to find out.


Urinary Blockages in Male Cats

It is important to recognize urinary blockages in male cats to give you the best chance of getting your cat help when they need it. Because cats are so independent, it can be hard to tell when they need help. As solitary hunters in the wild, cats have evolved to minimize signs of weakness. Even a cat who has enjoyed a comfortable and pampered life in a warm home will still have these instincts. Here are some of the most common urine troubles in males including blockages and what to do about them:


Calm Your Cat Before a Veterinary Visit

Cats have very strong personalities. When they don’t like something, you’ll know it. Most cats have very specific feelings about going to the vet, and those feelings are often unhappy ones. 

Some nervous cats might scratch you while going into the carrier or cry the whole way to the vet. There are ways you can help calm your cat before a veterinary visit though. Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is here to help you reduce your kitty’s fears in time for your next vet visit:


Calm Your Dog for a Visit to the Vet

Annual wellness checks and necessary veterinary care can add years to your dog’s life. Unfortunately, we do not always enjoy the things that are good for us—which is also true for our furry friends. If your dog would rather get a bath and play with the cat than visit the vet, we have a few tips for you. Use our tips to calm your dog for a visit to the vet:


My Cat Is Throwing Up But Seems Fine

Is your cat throwing up but seems fine? Cats are instinctively inclined to hide any weaknesses. This can make it difficult for us as pet owners to determine when there is a health issue at play. Sometimes cats throw up but don’t seem to have any other symptoms of illness. Does this mean they are fine? Your friends at OVRS have created this guide to help you determine when a cat throwing up is nothing to worry about.


Common Life-Threatening Illnesses To Look Out For In Your Dog

The USA is undoubtedly a nation of dog lovers. In fact, cuddly canines are our favorite pet, beating cats and freshwater fish to the top spot in our hearts. However, while many of us may understand the basics of how to care for our precious pooch – such as what type of food to buy, and how much exercise a particular breed may require – when it comes to protecting them from illness, a little extra research is required.


Canine Respiratory Issues, Kennel Cough, and Asthma

Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to certain illnesses including respiratory ones. Diseases like kennel cough, asthma, and other canine respiratory issues could be transferred through the air or through touching a contaminated animal or surface. 

If your dog is struggling with a respiratory issue, it is important to figure out which one. Use this guide to learn more about these issues and how to keep your dog healthy and his breathing clear.