Working at home with your cat can be one of the biggest challenges for pet owners. Working remotely or from home is becoming the new normal after the wake of COVID-19. It can be a struggle with so many distractions nearby, from the full refrigerator to laundry, and yes, to the family cat. This is especially true if your pet wants your attention 24/7.

This is why the team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is here to provide suggestions for how to get work done while in the presence of your kitty.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Cat Busy

We understand that your cat will want to hang out with their best friend most of the time – and that’s you! Pets want to be by our sides when we are at home, but sometimes their need for attention gets in the way of our need to meet a deadline. The important thing to know is that what your cat really wants is something to do. They’ll be better able to leave you alone for a while if they can get into an activity or some kind of fun. 

This is why you should consider the following bored kitty tactics.

  1. Provide more toys for them — If your cat is bored with their old toys or doesn’t have enough to occupy them, try out several. We recommend the Electric Flutter, Trixie’s Brain Mover, and the Ambush Interactive Cat Toy. Cats also love catnip filled mice and crickle toys, or those that make a sound when they are batted around. Check out a few and see how your pet responds. Cheap toys are as easy as a crumpled up ball of paper or a cardboard box left open on its side.
  2. Make sure your cat is staying active — Before you start your day, exercise your cat for about 20 minutes using an interactive toy like a  laser or feather wand. Some cats enjoy short walks through the use of a harness and leash, which gives them a chance to safely explore. Other cats love playing fetch, too. See if your cat enjoys it by throwing some mice toys across the floor and see what they do with it.
  3. Give your pet their own space — If you have a dedicated patio or room with all of their toys, treats, napping spots, and so on, let them stay there while you are working. You can also simply find an office space in the home that remains off limits to fur friends during the workday.
  4. Schedule play and attention breaks — Everyone needs a few breaks in the day for relaxation and enjoyment. Take 10 minutes to check in on your feline friend, offering snuggles and a small treat. Get into the habit of eating lunch away from your desk so that you two can relax together in the kitchen or outdoors, al fresco.
  5. Maintain your pet’s routine — Just because you now work at home, doesn’t mean the schedule should be all that different. Commit to a daily schedule for your cat to include feeding times, exercise, grooming, and general attention. By sticking to their schedule, they will acclimate to when you work and need to be away from them, even if it is just in the other room. 

Are You Working at Home with Your Cat?

We understand that your furriest buddy will want your undivided attention while you are busy at the keyboard, but we are always here with solutions. If you have any questions about keeping your cat entertained, please contact us. Working at home with your cat can be a breeze if you provide them with all the tools and activities they need to be better behaved, happy, and thriving (even while you are busy).