When we’re away from our pets, we want to know they are safe, happy, and staying out of trouble. With the latest pet technology, we’re able to interact remotely, keep our pets calm or entertained, and even ensure their health and safety. What are some of the best new high-tech pet items on the market? The team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Service (OVRS) is here with some of our favorites:

Best High-Tech Pet Interaction And Monitoring Devices

Even if we’re just away at the office, we want to know how our pets are doing and check in with them. No need to run home at lunch to visit your pet. These monitoring devices can keep you connected while you’re away.

  • Furbo Dog Camera: Not only does this camera let you monitor your pet in High Definition, but it also makes it easy to toss treats or talk to your pet with a two-way audio and bark alert. It is even compatible with Alexa. If your heart breaks every time you leave for work, this camera can give you some peace of mind that your favorite furry friend is safe and happy throughout the day.
  • PetCube Bites 2: The newest and most improved version of Petcube’s interactive pet monitoring system gives you the ability to check on your pet during the day (or at night thanks to its night vision feature). You can dispense treats from the app on your phone and get an alert when there’s motion in front of the camera.

Best High-Tech Pet Health Monitoring Devices

We want our pets to be healthy. Thanks to the latest high-tech pet devices, we can check heart rate and body temperature or monitor sleep with a few easy swipes.

  • FitBark GPS Dog Tracker: Adorably shaped like a bone, this health monitor fits nicely onto your dog’s collar and offers an inside look into his current health stats. This tracker does not need to be charged often. It enables you to find your dog with GPS, and syncs with your own fitness tracker so you can keep an eye on your physical activity and your pet’s. It will also let you know how many calories your dog is burning, how he is sleeping, and give you a snapshot of overall health.
  • LuluPet: This cat health monitoring litter box collects your cat’s health data and alerts you to changes in health or potty schedules. The AI in the litter box connects to an app on your phone and keeps you up-to-date on your cat’s health. It measures your cat’s weight, stool, and urine volume. It also measures excrement conditions and frequency to help you ensure your cat is healthy.

Best Pet Tech Activity Tracking Devices

The market has recently exploded with dog activity monitors like FitBark, Tagg and others. This review compares many of the current brands.

  • Whistle: Never worry about your dog running away again. Using Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular technology, Whistle can locate your dog up to 3,000 miles away! This also allows you to monitor their activity including sleep patterns or be alerted if they wander away from an area you identify as “home”.
  • Link AKC Smart GPC Dog Collar: Slightly more expensive than the Whistle tracker, the Smart Collar offers a few more options. This device allows for picture-taking and temperature alerts along with remote access to a light on the collar for better visual. There is also an option for training aids via sounds.

Best Hi-Tech Pet Toys

Interactive toys can keep your pet engaged both physically and mentally. Here are some of the latest to hit the scene:

  • SBARK Tikr Toy: This toy makes your pet perfectly line up the holes in order to get to the treats inside. The built-in timer never has to be charged, and you can set it for 5-45 minutes to keep your dog thoroughly engaged and entertained.
  • PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy: Give your cats (or your laser-loving dogs) hours of entertainment with this high-tech pet toy. It comes with two automatic play modes and the ability to schedule a rest mode to keep your pet from getting too stimulated while you’re gone.

Best High-Tech Pet Tech Calming Device

  • RelaxoPet: Using vibration technology, this device can help to quell anxiety in nervous pets. It is small and easily portable, which means you can use it at home, in the car, or even at the veterinarian’s office. The device has a noise-motion system that detects when your pet is stressed and can turn on automatically to soothe your pet.

Although we don’t recommend using these devices as a replacement for your time and attention, high-tech pet devices can help you stay connected with your furry friend even when you’re not at home. The staff at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services hopes these latest pet technology devices will help you and your pet be happier and healthier together.