When it comes to gift giving, pets rank right up there with the rest of our loved ones as recipients of our goodwill. Shopping for pet lovers can also be fun, but choosing a gift for them, or for our pets, isn’t always simple and the options are nearly endless.

We love animal-related gifts here at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, and we hope our list of holiday gifts for pets and pet lovers alike will aid you on your shopping adventures this season!

Our Favorite Holiday Gifts For Pets

  • Health and wellness – Have you been putting off your pet’s wellness exam, grooming appointment, or dental cleaning? These don’t sound like exciting holiday gifts for pets, but your furry companion will appreciate the feeling of vitality that comes from being well cared for.
  • Get moving – Most pets could do with a little more exercise in their daily lives. A fun cat tree, fitness activity tracker, or trip to an indoor agility course or doggie daycare make it easy for pets to burn off excess energy and stay in shape.
  • Something yummyTreats of any kind are beloved by most pets, and make wonderful stocking stuffers. Seek out healthy treats, or better yet, make your own. Keep in mind that a little can, and should, go a long way when it comes to edible gifts.
  • Environmental enrichmentBoredom can breed anxiety, depression, or destructive behavior in pets. Keep their environment exciting with puzzles, games, and obstacle courses.
  • Cozy comfort – The gift of warmth never goes out of style. A fun new dog bed or kitty cocoon will keep your furry friend toasty on the coldest nights.

For The Pet Lover

When it comes to presents, why should pets have all the fun? Pet owners and animal lovers appreciate a thoughtfully selected gift that speaks to their special bond with a four-legged companion, and we have some purrr-fect ideas:

  • Dog DNA identification kit for the mutt-owner in your life.
  • Ever wonder what Kitty is up to while you’re away? Find out with the DOGTEK Eyenimal Cat Videocam.
  • Dealing with pet hair in the home is the bane of pet owners everywhere, but you can help by getting them a super efficient pet hair remover.
  • Pet jewelry is all the rage, and a personalized dog nose pendant is the perfect way to keep an animal companion close to your heart.
  • Donating to a local shelter, rescue organization, or animal charity in honor of the animal lovers in your life is a wonderful way to give back and spread some holiday cheer at the same time.
  • Give the priceless gift of peace of mind by purchasing pet insurance for someone you love!

Do you have any concerns about the health of your pet? Please contact your team at OVRS.