This Season’s Most Amazing Pet Gifts

pet giftsIs your pet the pet who has everything? Does he have more toys in his toybox than your kid does? If so, you are in luck. Each year, manufacturers up the ante on pet games, accessories, treats, and so many more items.

Even if you are a more discerning and frugal pet owner, there are several new items that may pique you and your four-legged’s interests. From boredom busting to snuggly, we’ve sourced some of the most amazing pet gifts, just in time for the holidays.


Go Ga-Ga For These Holiday Gifts For Pets (And Their Owners!)

When it comes to gift giving, pets rank right up there with the rest of our loved ones as recipients of our goodwill. Shopping for pet lovers can also be fun, but choosing a gift for them, or for our pets, isn’t always simple and the options are nearly endless.

We love animal-related gifts here at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, and we hope our list of holiday gifts for pets and pet lovers alike will aid you on your shopping adventures this season!


Pawsitively Pawsome Gifts for Pet Owners

Winter time and family lovePet owners everywhere have a lot in common – namely, how much we love and adore our furry friends. A great way to show the pet lovers in your life how much you care is with a pet-themed gift this holiday season, whether it’s for their pets or for themselves.

Get a head start on your holiday shopping or creating with our list of fun and practical gifts for pet owners.


Coolest Pet Products of the Season for the Pet Who Has Everything

OVRS_iStock_000051074990_LargeIf you are like many pet parents, your holiday gift list will naturally include your pet. And, there are so many wonderful options when it comes to toys, gadgets, and other pet products for our pampered fur friends.

At Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, we have taken time to spotlight a few of our favorites this season. After all, we are certain your pet has been nice, never naughty, and is definitely deserving of some great seasonal surprises. Continue…