Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about giving thanks for the many blessings in our lives. Although most of us appreciate time with family (and the food), we sometimes get so wrapped up in the details of the holiday that we forget about the point of it. Spending time with our pets can remind us about this important aspect of the season. Keep reading to find out how our pets can teach us the true meaning of Thanksgiving:

The True Meaning of Thanksgiving: Joy in the Little Things

Have you ever seen your dog literally stop to smell the roses? Or your cat plays with an abandoned hair tie for hours? One of the most important lessons our pets can teach us is to find joy and gratitude in the little things. This holiday season, try to spend a few extra minutes savoring your morning coffee, chatting with a friend or feeling the sun on your face. Go on a few extra walks with your pup or dig out the old laser pointer for your cat. When you can find joy even in the little things, you will be that much more grateful for the big ones. 

…And Unconditional Love 

The modern world is stressful, and sometimes it makes it feel like there are limits to our capacity for love. A long day full of traffic, grumpy people in the grocery store, or an expensive car repair can make us forget to show how much we love the special people (and pets) in our lives. Even after a scary vet visit or a week away from you, your pets always love you unconditionally—and show it, too. Watching our pets, especially during the holidays, can remind us of the importance of unconditional love. Love that lasts even when days are tough and the world feels hard. 

…And An Abundance of Gratitude 

Have you ever seen your dog wag his tail profusely after you give him a simple treat? Or felt your cat curl up on you with a gentle purr after a long day? Our pets are so incredibly grateful for the smallest things. Each day they find at least one thing to be grateful for, and paying attention to this behavior can remind you to do the same. Finding at least one thing that makes you feel grateful each day can help train your brain to seek out the good things in life. The more you feel grateful, the easier it will be to continue to feel grateful. Whether you give thanks for your pet’s attitude on life or appreciate the beautiful weather, one small step of gratitude can set you on a path of continuous reasons to give thanks.

Our pets are loving, caring creatures. Don’t forget to look to your furry friends, because our pets can teach us the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

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