Looking for ideas for gifts for cats? Christmas isn’t the same without our pets involved in the festivities. Buying gifts for our cat companions is a must for cat lovers everywhere. You may be wondering what special presents you should stash under the tree for your kitty. Oakland Veterinary Referral Services has a few suggestions for the cat who has (almost) everything. Check out our top 10 christmas gifts for cats your pet will be sure to love.

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Cats

Ready to show your love and appreciation of your feline friend? Fellow cat owners ranked these ideas high for 2021 best cat gifts.

  1. Cat Wand — Cats love to chase after feathers and other objects. This feather wand from Freddy is all you need to keep your cat exercised and entertained. Made of natural materials, this wand is a staple for every cat household.
  2. Friscoe Personalized Stocking — Your cat would love their very own stocking under the tree this year. The best thing is that you can fill these stockings each year with all of their favorite toys, treats, catnip, and other fun items.
  3. CatSmart Pioneer Scratching Post — Every cat needs a scratching post, which is necessary to keep their nails in good health. Scratching is a natural instinct for all cats. This high quality post will be a great addition to your home and will save your furniture from being ripped apart!
  4. Chiwava Catnip Cat Mice — These toys will rank up there as your cat’s favorite. Covered with “fur” and filled with catnip and a rattle, the fun will never stop for your kitty. This multi-pack will keep the game going throughout the year, since your cat will exhaust them quickly after one too many pounces.
  5. PetSafe SlimCat Feeder Toy — If your cat is a bit too plump, or eats their food too quickly, food puzzles are a great choice for them. This feeder puzzle dispenses food or treats slowly as your cat engages in the challenge. This is also an excellent choice for the bored indoor cat.
  6. FurHaven Self-Warming Cat Bed — Perfect for senior cats who chill easily, this cozy self-warming bed will be the best winter gift ever. Keeping your senior kitty comfortable is easier with the use of this insulated bed that encourages warmth through the use of your cat’s own body heat. No electricity needed.
  7. Interactive Fish Bowl — This colorful 4-piece set of fish and swimming bowl create nonstop entertainment for your cat. The robotic, battery-powered fish swim around in the bowl randomly, simulating the real fishing experience for your curious kitty. This will be one of their favorite toys for sure.
  8. Cat Cave — What cat doesn’t love a little hiding spot for catching those cat naps? This nicely designed cat den made of high-quality merino wool is both cozy and offers the privacy your cat will appreciate. Definitely a luxurious must for your pet.
  9. Modular Cat Climbing Wall — If you really want to break the bank on buying a gift for your pampered pet, check this out. You can arrange these mounted cat shelves in a way to create an interactive climbing wall that keeps cats in a multi pet household busy, each of them having their own little nook for napping. 
  10. One Fast Cat Cat Wheel — Providing your cat with enough exercise can be a challenge for couch potato kitties. Get them inspired and moving with this cat wheel that relieves stress for bored kitties while keeping them at a good weight. 

What are some of the best cat gifts on your list this holiday season? Whatever you choose, your cat will adore it if it involves spending time with you, enjoying the present. Enjoy picking out your favorite gifts for cats. For questions about your cat’s health, or to schedule an appointment, please call us.

Meowy Christmas to all!