There are so many holiday gifts for cats and cat lovers. Humans have adored cats for millennia in Egypt and palaces in the Far East. It’s no wonder that we want to lavish our kitties this holiday season. With the endless array of gift options out there, how can you narrow it down?  

Your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services are here to give you 7 suggestions for the best holiday gifts for cats and cat lovers. Let’s take a closer look!

7 Great Holiday Gifts for Cats

If you’re wondering what to give your furry friend this holiday season, we have ideas for you! Here are 7 awesome cat gifts to keep your cat active and happy all year long. Below that, we suggest gifts for fellow cat lovers in your life.

  1. Gourmet Flight of Catnip — What cat doesn’t adore a roll in the ‘nip? Not many. For the connoisseurs of catnip, try this wonderful selection of a variety of high grade catnip. It’s certain to please and give your cat some pep in their exercise routine, too.
  2. Robotic Cat Toy — This automated rodent will inspire your cat to get moving and participate in the chase. This mouse simulates an actual mouse through stop and start movements, sprinting, and so on. This will definitely be one of your cat’s favorite toys. 
  3. Stylish Harness Vest — If your cat is all about luxury and wants to be both practical and fashionable, this is their harness. Getting your cat out on the town is a great way to give them fresh air and sunshine, while keeping them safe. 
  4. Moving Kicker Fish Cat Toy — This awesome automated fish toy flops around the floor, from one side to the next. You can imagine how much fun your cat will have “fishing” for their moving new toy.
  5. Thermo Mat Heated Pad — On long winter nights, your cat will stay toasty and warm on this heated pad. This safe and soft mat heats to 102 F and makes for a wonderful winter gift for your best friend.
  6. Wall Mounted Cat Bridge — For the cat who loves to scale the furniture and hang out on the fridge, this bridge is purrfect! This bridge can be mounted on the wall between things your cat likes to climb and offers your kitty more exercise and enrichment. 
  7. Automated Cat Laser Toy — When you can’t stay at home with your purr pal, give them the gift of an automated laser toy. The laser toy is programmed to five different sequences, so your cat will never get bored with the chase.

On the List: 7 Cool Gifts for Cat Lovers

Everyone has friends who adore their cat companions, so this is a great opportunity to buy them a present that represents their love for felines. Here are 7 of our favorite finds.

  1. Cat Pajama Set — These cute pjs for cat lovers rate high. Everyone wants something comfy to slumber in, and this adorable cat theme will be appreciated by the cat fancier in your life.
  2. Cat’s Purrfect Night Mask — The winter months are brutal on our skin and moisturizing is a must. This cat design bottle of night creme, infused with silk aminos, will be the cat’s meow for healthy skin.
  3. Zen Cat Yard Sculptures — Your garden loving friend will cherish these cool cat sculptures. They will be a wonderful addition to a garden or patio, where they can enjoy the kitty motif and zen out on the peace of the outdoors.
  4. Decoding Your Cat Book — This title by The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists gives cat lovers insight into the inner world of cats. It’s a wonderful must-read for cat owners, addressing certain behaviors and how to change them. 
  5. Custom Cat iPhone Case — Since we look at our cells most of the day, why not enjoy a kitty-cat view? These cool cases feature illustrated breed designs that you can match to your cat. 
  6. Bandana Cat T-Shirt — This is a great gift for the cat loving man in your life. The hip bandana design is also timely for the pandemic “mask up” theme. 
  7. Cat Beer Bottle Opener — For the beer and cat connoisseur, these adorable bottle openers will be a great companion gift to your loved one’s favorite micro brews. 

Finding the best holiday gifts for cat lovers couldn’t be easier, since cat design products are trendy. We hope the cats and cat lovers in your circle enjoy some amazing presents that illustrate how much we adore our felines.

If you have any questions about cute holiday gifts for cats and cat lovers, please contact us.