Hydration is important throughout the year, but especially in the hot summer months. Many pets become dehydrated when the temperatures are high, especially when they are outdoors often. Some water bowls for pets are better than others at encouraging your furry one to drink from them. The OVRS team has compiled a list of some of the best water bowls for pets as well as what you should do to keep the bowls clean.

A Line-Up of 5 Great Water Bowls for Pets

Many dogs and cats surprisingly don’t drink enough water each day to keep them well hydrated. Dehydration can lead to a number of problems with the kidneys, bladder, skin, coat, heart, and other vital organs. Being active during the summer months means that your fur friend needs to drink more water than normal. This is why choosing the best bowls for them to drink from is so important. 

Here are some of the top-rated water bowls for pets that will inspire your pet to drink more H2O. 

  1. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain – This product is not only stylish in design, it is quiet. The stainless steel fountain continually dispenses moving water to keep it fresh and inviting to your pet. It’s a favorite among cats and dogs. 
  2. Cool Pup Cooling Dog Bowl – If you spend time in the yard or park with your favorite pup, keep them cool and hydrated this summer with this awesome bowl. The Cooling Dog Bowl can be placed in the freezer overnight and will stay cool while you have a blast with your dog outdoors. 
  3. Anti-splash Water Hole Bowl – If your pet loves to make a mess while drinking, this bowl’s for you. This is also a great product for travel. 
  4. Comsun Collapsible Bowl – Another great choice for the active pet or during travel is this collapsible bowl set. Made of sturdy food-grade silicone, the bowls are easy to pop up and collapse while you are out and about with your bestie.
  5. Catit Fresh and Clear Water Fountain for Cats – This bowl gets the top meow among our feline friends. This elevated bowl circulates the water to entice your pet to drink more. It is stainless steel and easy to clean, which is also a big plus for the busy pet parent.

For more of the best dog bowls, check out these recommendations for dogs. 

Key Factors for Hydration

Keeping your pet healthy and hydrated means that you need to consider a few things when it comes to their drinking water and bowls. Many pets are finicky about their water source. They may be averse to the taste of tap water, so consider filtered or bottled drinking water for them. Temperature is also a factor and many pets love ice water. Add a few cubes to the bowl or switch to a cooling water fountain for them.

A mistake many pet owners make is to wait too long to wash their dog or cat’s bowls. If the bowl has a slimy film covering the bottom and sides, you can bet bacteria is present. Remember to wash the bowls with dish soap and hot water each day and let them thoroughly dry on a clean towel. If they are dishwasher safe, this is the best option to sanitize your pet’s bowls. 

Be prepared for the summer by making sure your pet is ingesting enough water each day. Bring water with you in the car and outdoors any time you are with your pet. They can become dehydrated in the heat of the day when they cannot access enough water and shade, so be summer-ready. And, of course, never leave your pet in a parked car for any period of time.

If you would like more information on choosing water bowls for pets or encouraging your pet to drink more water, we are here for you. Simply give us a call.