Humans stress too much. Dogs know how to live. I think we can all collectively agree that the world is full of stress at the moment, so I asked my favorite pup how to enjoy a low-stress life. Here’s what he had to say:

All the Plays

Playtime is the best time. I know this. Feeling sad it’s not time for dinner yet? Play. Unsure why your second favorite human left so long ago and isn’t home yet? Play. Humans using angry voices? Play. Playtime cures all my sads. That’s why I do it so much. 

Walks, Walks, and More Walks

When I’m feeling happy, I like to walk. When I’m feeling sad, I also like to walk. I basically like to walk any time except when it’s time to eat. Walks let me spend even more time with my best friend. We explore our neighborhood, say hi to our neighbors and their humans, and get to see all kinds of new animals I usually only see on the television. If you’re feeling sad or worried, might I suggest taking your dog for a walk? 


My humans show me they really love me when they give me some treats. I know I was an extra good boy if I get to chomp down on a doggy biscuit. My philosophy is that treats are always a good idea. Why waste time feeling stressed, humans, when you can give yourself a treat? You have two opposable thumbs, after all, so you can get the treats on your own. I have to wait for someone with real hands to open the bag for me!


Oh I just love cuddles. If I could, I would cuddle 24/7. My humans like to cuddle sometimes, and I can tell it always makes them feel better. I wish they liked to cuddle more often, because they would be so much less stressed. And I would get even more cuddles! When I’m not playing, walking, or eating, I want to be cuddling! 


I explore with my nose, so I love to find new smells whenever I can. Sometimes it’s fun to walk around the house nose first to see if there’s any new, secret smells I missed. I especially love doing it when I’m on a walk or at the park, though. It really reminds me just how big the world is. My humans don’t really use their noses, but sometimes I think they go to new places to explore, which I like to think is kind of the same thing.


Oh boy do I love jumping. It reminds me of when I was a puppy and didn’t have a care in the whole wide world. I still don’t have a care, but jumping still makes me happy. I love jumping to catch a ball. Jumping to see what delicious treats are on the counter. And jumping out of the tub when my humans try to give me a bath. My advice? Do things that remind you of how you felt when you were a tiny human, and you won’t have as much stress. 

If you do too much playing and get a boo boo, you should go see my friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services. They always know how to make me feel better, and I know they’ll do the same for you, too. Enjoy living a low-stress life now that you have my dog’s tips!