cat toysThere’s no question that indoor cats enjoy better health and increased longevity than their outdoor counterparts. Your indoor cat may be safe and cozy, but their feline instincts don’t know the difference. Without an outlet for excess energy, indoor cats can wreak havoc on furniture and belongings, get into potentially hazardous substances, and soil the home.

Your team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services wants to help you provide your cat with the physical and mental enrichment they deserve (and save your couch in the process). Join us as we share our picks for 2018’s top 10 cat toys designed with active cats in mind!

Top 10 Cat Toys for Active Cats

  1. The Catzip Chase Mouse is a new spin on a classic children’s toy. Your cat will gleefully chase and attack this hapless mouse all day long!
  2. Turn mealtime or treats into puzzles to challenge kitty’s mind and body with the Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center.
  3. Our Pets has combined two feline obsessions into one fun and attractive toy with their Ball of Furry Fury cat toy.
  4. Kong products aren’t just for dogs anymore. Check out their line of durable and adorable cat toys, including the Snake Teaser.
  5. A Kitty Pirate Ship? In the living room? Sign us up!
  6. The Petsafe Frolicat Cheese is sure to pique kitty’s interest. It’s play while you’re away feature allows you to program it for your cat’s spontaneous use throughout the day.
  7. Petlinks Electronic Motion Cat Toy inspires the ancient hunting and stalking instincts in your cat, and provides hours of entertainment for you.
  8. The Petfusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge is the purrfect place for one or more cats to stretch their claws, climb, hide, and rest afterwards.
  9. Kitty will go crazy hunting for the treats or toys you hide in the paw-sized holes of the Smart Cat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box.
  10. Satisfying a cat’s intense need to scratch cannot be understated, which is why we’ve included another scratching surface in our list of great cat toys. This collapsible cat scratcher is part scratching post, part play area, and part bed. Better yet, it’s easily folded up and stored out of sight when kitty’s not using it.

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