Pet Weight Loss Facts: No Pain, No Gain?

Overweight cat sitting on floor

Weight Loss is Confusing in the Pet World Too

In the world of diets and weight management, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. One diet says to eat only healthy fats, while another says bacon is fine. One weight loss regime focuses on healthy protein, while another has you fasting on green smoothies. Confusing? Yes! We are seeing the same confusion around why pets gain weight and what they should eat.

It’s great to keep your pet at a healthy weight and avoid obesity, which causes many health problems. But, how does a pet owner gauge a healthy weight and the right approach to keeping fur friends on the right dietary track? The team at OVRS is here to separate fact from myths.


Unexplained Weight Loss in Pets

iStock_000010144870_SmallWith over half of the nation’s pet population being obese, many times weight loss in our dogs and cats can be a good thing. Sometimes, though, when a pet’s weight loss is sudden or unexplained, it can be a sign that something is wrong. This type of weight loss should never be ignored and is important to have checked out right away.

What To Do If Your Pet Has Lost Weight

If you are noticing that your pet is looking a little trimmer than usual, it is important to think about any changes that may be affecting his or her calorie intake and expenditure.

A change in your pet’s diet or activity level might easily explain weight loss. If this is the case, assess whether the weight loss was necessary or whether you need to make changes to allow for weight gain. If you are not sure, consult with your veterinarian. Continue…

My Cat Is Throwing Up But Seems Fine

Is your cat throwing up but seems fine? Cats are instinctively inclined to hide any weaknesses. This can make it difficult for us as pet owners to determine when there is a health issue at play. Sometimes cats throw up but don’t seem to have any other symptoms of illness. Does this mean they are fine? Your friends at OVRS have created this guide to help you determine when a cat throwing up is nothing to worry about.


Common Life-Threatening Illnesses To Look Out For In Your Dog

The USA is undoubtedly a nation of dog lovers. In fact, cuddly canines are our favorite pet, beating cats and freshwater fish to the top spot in our hearts. However, while many of us may understand the basics of how to care for our precious pooch – such as what type of food to buy, and how much exercise a particular breed may require – when it comes to protecting them from illness, a little extra research is required.


Dogs Love Peanut Butter: Can We Indulge Them?

It is hard to deny that dogs love peanut butter even more than most things. Most of them go truly crazy for this treat. Why do dogs love peanut butter so much? And is it okay to indulge them in this love affair?

Dogs Love Peanut Butter: The Basics

Many canine nutrition specialists think dogs love peanut butter for the same reasons we do. The combination of sweet and salt provides a winning (and memorable) explosion on the tongue. If your dog has ever tasted peanut butter, simply getting a whiff of its scent is enough to trigger the taste memory. 


Heart Disease in Dogs

Heart disease in dogs is more common than you might realize. Dogs are susceptible to many different forms of cardiovascular issues that range in severity. Your veterinarian will base the treatment on the type of heart disease. Oakland Veterinary Referral Services (OVRS) wants to help you learn about heart disease in dogs so you can spot any signs of trouble early.  


High-Tech Pet: What’s the latest?

When we’re away from our pets, we want to know they are safe, happy, and staying out of trouble. With the latest pet technology, we’re able to interact remotely, keep our pets calm or entertained, and even ensure their health and safety. What are some of the best new high-tech pet items on the market? The team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Service (OVRS) is here with some of our favorites:


Kitty Klaus: Best Christmas Gifts for Cats

Looking for ideas for gifts for cats? Christmas isn’t the same without our pets involved in the festivities. Buying gifts for our cat companions is a must for cat lovers everywhere. You may be wondering what special presents you should stash under the tree for your kitty. Oakland Veterinary Referral Services has a few suggestions for the cat who has (almost) everything. Check out our top 10 christmas gifts for cats your pet will be sure to love.


Choosing the Best Puppy Food and Best Senior Dog Food

When it comes to selecting the best puppy food, or best senior dog food, the choices seem endless. It can feel overwhelming, especially now that we have additional offerings in grain-free, raw, organic, and homemade. Where do you begin? One factor that should always guide you to the best food for your dog is their age. 

Your dog’s nutritional needs change with age and your choices will impact the quality of their development, health, and well-being. This is why Oakland Veterinary Referral Services wants to explain what goes into determining the dietary needs of your puppy or senior dog based on their life stage. 


Common Pet Myths Debunked

Anyone who adores our animal friends is also aware of a number of pet myths. How do you get the facts straight when it comes to important aspects of your pet’s health and wellness? While some pet myths seem pretty harmless, there are others that can seriously delay a pet from getting treatment or the care they need.

To shine a light on fact vs. fiction, your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services are here to give you some insight.