Why Does a Cat Raise Their Butt When Petted? 

Ah, cats. These quirky creatures have many of us wrapped around their little paws. From loving head butts in the morning to kneading, they definitely are unique. Some of their behaviors are more interesting (and confusing) than others. Why does a cat raise their butt when a human offers pets? This is one of their most unusual behaviors. If you’ve ever wondered why your cat does this, you have come to the right place. 


Dogs Love Peanut Butter: Can We Indulge Them?

It is hard to deny that dogs love peanut butter even more than most things. Most of them go truly crazy for this treat. Why do dogs love peanut butter so much? And is it okay to indulge them in this love affair?

Dogs Love Peanut Butter: The Basics

Many canine nutrition specialists think dogs love peanut butter for the same reasons we do. The combination of sweet and salt provides a winning (and memorable) explosion on the tongue. If your dog has ever tasted peanut butter, simply getting a whiff of its scent is enough to trigger the taste memory. 


Easy Ways to Make Your Pet Look Festive for the Holiday

It’s the holiday season! The holidays are a time for family, which includes pets. If you want to include your pets in the seasonal photos or festivities, OVRS has some tips for you. Use this guide to make your pet look festive for your holiday parties and photos without adding a lot to your to-do list:

Santa Hats

If you are looking for something easy and festive, it is hard to beat a Santa hat. Versatile enough to work for any animal from a dog to a lizard, Santa hats add some instant holiday cheer. You can even get some with your pet’s name embroidered across the front to make it even more special. Santa hats are an easy accessory to use for a matching family photo. And most pets will tolerate them at least long enough to take a festive snap for your holiday card.


Holiday Gifts for Cat Lovers 2022

This holiday season, show the cat lover in your life how much you love them with one of these perfect cat-centric gifts for cat lovers. We cat lovers adore our feline friends so give us something that celebrates our (sometimes unreturned) devotion to these small, independent creatures. If you are looking to buy a gift for a cat lover in your life, this guide from OVRS can help:

Cat mom socks

Cat Clothing

From cute socks with cats to a witty shirt with a quote like “People I Like: Cats,” cat clothing is usually a winning gift. If your friend or family member likes to declare their love of cats to the world, this could be the way to go. There is a wide variety of cat-centric clothing available to give to anyone from your feline loving niece to your cat obsessed neighbor. Best of all, every time they wear the article of clothing, they’ll think of you!


Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers 2022

The holidays are upon us. If you are like us, you are probably deep in the depths of holiday shopping. You might also be struggling to come up with good holiday gift ideas for dog lovers who are friends and family. As you start to check your gift list, the team at OVRS has some tips on shopping for the dog lovers in your life.

Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers: Matching Sweaters

Michigan winters are not for the faint of heart. What better gift for a dog lover than a matching, warm sweater set for them and their dog? Think of the picture opportunities for this special someone and their special pup with an adorable matching sweater set.


Great Places for Adopting a Dog Near Detroit

Rescue animals are endless sources of love and devotion. Bringing an animal in need of a home into your family is often one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. If you are considering adopting a dog near Detroit (or even fostering a dog), here are a few of the great rescues and organizations that can help you find your perfect pup.


How to Find a Good Pet Sitter for the Holidays

Hiring a pet sitter is a great way to keep your pets comfortable at home without causing anymore upset to their holiday season. Holiday plans often have us traveling far from home. Although we’d love to have our pets with us on all these trips, it is, unfortunately, not always possible. 

Pets are definitely more comfortable in spaces they know. Keeping them at home can help them stay calm as you travel. Use this guide to find the right pet sitter for your holiday travel needs:

Pet sitter is holding a dog on sofa.

The Joy and Pain of Adopting Senior Pets

At Oakland Veterinary Referral Services (OVRS), we are happy anytime we hear about a successful pet adoption. Senior pets are just as in need of loving homes as their younger counterparts, but are often overlooked in the shelters. Bringing an older animal into your house can be hugely rewarding for your family. Just as with any adoption scenario, though, it is important to understand what to expect before you bring a senior pet home.


Which Parts of the Turkey Are Safe for a Dog?

As hard as it might be to refuse those puppy dog eyes, it’s important to know which parts of the turkey are safe for a dog before sharing any. Have no fear, Oakland Veterinary Referral Services (OVRS) is here to help.

With the holiday season upon us, it is good to know which parts of the turkey are safe for a dog. If your dog is like most members of the canine species, he is probably at your side from the time the turkey goes in the oven to the moment you put away the last of the leftovers.