The Best Cat and Dog Subscription Boxes for Your Pet

If you are like most loving pet owners, you look for ways to treat your pet. Pet subscription boxes have become a popular choice for busy owners. The concept for this service is that a variety of toys and treats, and other fun goodies, come in the mail once a month. It’s a great way to keep your pet interested in their toys to encourage more exercise and mental enrichment

Since there are several options in cat and dog subscription boxes, Oakland Veterinary Referral Services has spotlighted some of our favorites.


Common Pet Myths Debunked

Anyone who adores our animal friends is also aware of a number of pet myths. How do you get the facts straight when it comes to important aspects of your pet’s health and wellness? While some pet myths seem pretty harmless, there are others that can seriously delay a pet from getting treatment or the care they need.

To shine a light on fact vs. fiction, your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services are here to give you some insight. 


The Coolest Pet-Friendly AirBnB Stays

Most pet owners want to bring their pets with them for vacations and other travel opportunities. This trend is why there is a demand for pet-friendly lodging that goes above and beyond your standard motels and hotels. The great news is that there’s many choices in lodging that welcomes your furriest pals along for the fun. 

Oakland Veterinary Referral Services scouted out 8 of the best pet-friendly AirBnB stays for your vacay pleasure.


Mushroom Poisoning in Dogs

Fall is a beautiful season for outdoor enthusiasts to hike, camp, fish, and hunt (and do all of this with their dogs, of course). Our colorful array of autumn foliage makes this a wonderful time to be outside exploring nature with our dogs. 

Wild mushrooms are hidden toxins that grow throughout the year, but more so after a rainy period. The team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services wants to bring awareness about mushroom poisoning in dogs and what you can do to protect your furry friend.


Hotel Hound: Tips for a Pet-Friendly Hotel Stay

These days, most pets go with us everywhere. Whether it’s a family vacation or a visit to extended family, we take our furry family members. Life on the road is the norm for many pets whose owners love to be on the go. If you are planning on taking your pet with you on an upcoming trip, there are a few things to be prepared for. Use our tips for a pet-friendly hotel stay and help your pet adjust to hotel stays by preparing ahead of time. The trip will be much smoother.

The team at Oakland Vet Referral Services explains how to make a pet-friendly decision in your choices in lodging, and how to ensure a happy stay.


No Show Fido: How to Successfully Train Your Dog to Come When Called

Does your dog come when called? This is one of the most important commands you can teach your dog. It can be a challenging command for the dog that is a little stubborn, but this command can keep your dog (and other animals) safe when learned. In most cases, it is fairly easy to teach your dog reliable recall so that they come when you call. 

Your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services offer tips for how to train your dog to come when called. We want to turn that no show Fido into a reliable recall Rover!


When Your Veterinarian Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong with Your Dog or Cat

What do you do when your veterinarian can’t figure out what’s wrong with your pet? Most of the time, with excellent veterinary medical training and state of the art diagnostic tools, veterinarians can accurately diagnose pets when they experience ill health. But that isn’t always the case.

Some medical issues are complex, or they masquerade as another similar disease or condition. The same symptoms can be due to multiple health issues, and narrowing them down to the right diagnosis requires time and a greater measure of expertise. Humans aren’t always easy to diagnose and neither are our furry family members.

If your veterinarian can’t figure out what’s wrong with your dog or cat, your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services may be able to help. Let’s take a closer look at what you should do to get your furry friend an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment.


The Easy Way to Crate Train a Puppy

Puppies are full of curiosity and wonder, and are, of course, always getting into things. During your little one’s first few months, much goes into their training and socialization. A big part of this is training them to “potty outside” rather than in the living room. One of the best tools of the trade in puppy training is the crate.

You may wonder if you should crate train your puppy. The team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services gives you the lowdown on the easy way to crate train a puppy with great results.


Old Age Isn’t Always the Cause of Arthritis in Dogs

When a pet owner hears that their dog has arthritis, they tend to assume that their pet is just “old” and that’s what comes with aging. That’s not always the case. Old age can bring with it a number of pet ailments, from diabetes to cancer. But aging is not a disease and with the right preventive care, most pets can age gracefully

When we see arthritis in dogs, we often see a different reason for joint conditions like arthritis…and it isn’t their age. Read on to learn more about Oakland Veterinary Referral Services’ overview of arthritis in dogs.


10 Tips for Dog-Friendly Hikes

Want to hike with your dog? Dog-friendly hikes are all around us with our state’s beautiful trails, lakes, and natural areas. Hiking with a dog is one of the top recreational activities enjoyed by many Michanganders. Adding your Fido friend to the mix is a wonderful way to give your dog exercise and fresh air while enjoying some serious bonding time. 

There are dangers along the trail that every dog loving hiker should know about, though, and ways to make your hike better for your dog. Here are Oakland Veterinary Referral Services’ top 10 tips on how to have safe, dog-friendly hikes