Barbecue Blues: Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe While You Grill

Summertime sings with backyard gatherings, cold beverages, and everyone’s favorite recipes from the grill. But the last thing you want to do is to sing the barbecue blues when you have a grilling related accident with your furry friend. Hot grills and pets do not mix. This is why we see many pet emergencies from unattended grills and food left on tables and in open trash bins.

Since we are in grilling season, your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services want to give you 4 tips to keep your dog safe while you grill. Read on to learn more. 


Refilling Your Pet’s Prescriptions with Ease

Pet owners, some of you get frustrated when it comes to refilling your pet’s prescriptions. You may be busy and wait until the last pill of your pet’s medications to think about a refill. Or you think about it a few days ahead, but still risk ending up with a gap before getting a refill. It isn’t your veterinarian’s goal to make your life difficult. 

Some of the factors that can impact getting a quick refill:


Hydration: 5 Great Water Bowls for Pets

Hydration is important throughout the year, but especially in the hot summer months. Many pets become dehydrated when the temperatures are high, especially when they are outdoors often. Some water bowls for pets are better than others at encouraging your furry one to drink from them. The OVRS team has compiled a list of some of the best water bowls for pets as well as what you should do to keep the bowls clean.


Keeping Fido Clean with Dog Cleaning Wipes

Dog cleaning wipes make keeping your fur friend tidy much easier. They are especially handy when your dog is between baths, while you travel with your dog, and when you enjoy the great outdoors with them. Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is here to give you the 411 on the best dog wipes for your bestie’s cleaning needs. Let’s take a closer look!


Safe, Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

There are some amazing options in pet-friendly cleaning products that promise less harsh, environmentally-friendly ingredients. Spring and summer are great times to do an overhaul of your home and garage. From getting rid of old belongings to washing windows, it is satisfying to see your home in great order. Unfortunately, many cleaning products on the market are unsafe for our furry loved ones.

Oakland Veterinary Referral Services has done the sleuthing and has a few safe but effective recommendations for our pet loving friends.


When Your Dog Has Heartworm Disease

When a dog has heartworm disease, it can damage their heart or be life threatening. Heartworm disease is costly to treat, and the treatment itself is very uncomfortable for a pet. The more advanced the disease, the more challenging the case. This is why prevention is crucial. It is less expensive and less harmful to your pet than treating heartworms.

Heartworm disease is on the rise, with more than 250,000 pets diagnosed each year. The good news is that there is treatment. If your dog has heartworms, here are some of the important steps in diagnosing and treating the disease to have fewer side effects and greater success.


Why Is Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care so Expensive?

Some pet owners are surprised when they learn there is a difference in the cost of care at a pet emergency and specialty care hospital versus their regular vet. We often hear pet owners ask “why is veterinary emergency and specialty care so expensive?” 

Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is here to explain prices at emergency and specialty care hospitals. Our aim is to help pet families better understand what to expect. This allows pet families to prepare for the unexpected. If you’re prepared, you can give your pets the level of care they need for the healthiest, happiest life possible.


Is My Dog or Cat Sick?

Regular Veterinary Care Alerts You to Changes in Your Pet’s Health

Is my dog or cat sick? It can be difficult to tell sometimes. Your dog or cat can seem a bit “off” some days. Just like us, our pets have an occasional bad day, tummy trouble, or are simply not feeling their best. Changes in your pet’s health and demeanor can be something mild, like they ate too much, or more serious, such as symptoms of an underlying disease.

Oakland Veterinary Referral Services believes that regular veterinary care is of the utmost importance. One reason is that it gives you a great baseline to help you know if something is going on with your four-legged friend’s health. We also review the subtle symptoms to look for when you ask yourself, “is my dog or cat sick?” Let’s take a closer look!


Dog Seizures: What Causes Them and What You Can Do to Help Your Pup

dog having seizure

A dog seizure is a frightening event to witness. If your dog has one, you may feel panicky and confused, or else helpless to do something to make them feel better. Your dog may have a chronic seizure disorder like epilepsy, or a seizure may come on suddenly for the first time. 

During a seizure, your dog cannot control their muscle activity. Seizures are a disturbance in normal brain activity, also referred to as a convulsion. Since seizures in dogs are commonly diagnosed, your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services want to tell you more about this neurological condition.


Blue-Green Algae Poisoning in Dogs

Standing water like ponds, ditches, and lakes contain debris, scum, protozoa, and bacteria. This can include blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, a greenish scum that forms on the top of still water. Cyanobacteria is an algae to be concerned about when it comes to your pet’s safety. 

Our dogs enjoy getting into anything slimy, muddy, or otherwise gross to us. If your dog loves to swim or enjoys time around water, they are likely to drink from one of these natural water sources. The team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services wants pet owners to know more about blue-green algae poisoning, so you can better protect your pet.