White dog owners often ask how to remove tear stains. Most dog owners gaze lovingly into the eyes of their furry friend at least once a day. Tear stains in no way decrease the amount of love we feel for our favorite canines. But they can detract from the aesthetic appeal of your pup’s otherwise perfect face. 

If you have a white dog that is prone to developing tear stains, the team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services (OVRS) wants to help. Our tips help you identify the best way to remove tear stains so you can return to your regularly-scheduled love stares.

First Things First: Find the Cause of the Tear Stains

Not every method for removing tear stains works for every dog. It depends on the cause, the severity of the tear stains, and the individual pet. Have patience through a bit of investigation and trial and error.

Health Issues That Cause Tear Stains

Although they are harmless in most cases, tear stains can be the result of an underlying health issue. Before you work on removing them, you should schedule a wellness check with your veterinarian to find out if there might be an illness of which you are unaware. This is especially important if your dog never had tear stains in the past and they seemed to develop out of nowhere. Anything from allergies to an ingrown eyelash could be the culprit, and sometimes a quick course of antibiotics or a simple procedure can clear the stains up for good.

Avoid Tear Stains by Keeping the Area Clean and Clear

If your dog has frequent tear stains, they might require daily attention to keep the area around their peepers looking bright and clear. If you devote a little bit of time to the eyes each day, it can prevent the stains from becoming really bad. These tips will help you clear up the stains:

  • Invest in a canine-safe eye wash or saline solution that clears the area out.
  • After washing the eye, use a wet washcloth or an eyewash solution (you can make your own by mixing one cup of boric acid with one cup of boiling distilled water).
  • Avoid irritation in the eye by keeping the hair trimmed. 

If your dog is a messy drinker or likes to run around in the sprinkler, be sure to dry the area around the eyes with a clean towel as soon as possible. Pay extra attention to the face when drying your pup after a bath. You can also use dry cotton balls or makeup remover pads to keep the area around the eye dry.

Remove Tear Stains from the Inside

The food and water you feed your dog can either contribute to or prevent tear stains. If your dog is getting frequent tears that make it difficult to keep their light coat clean, talk to your veterinarian about nutritional changes that can help prevent the stains from happening in the first place. There are also supplements that include ingredients like cranberry extract that can help prevent stains from occurring. Even a change from tap water to filtered water can make a difference with some dogs.

Getting rid of tear stains may be easy or take a lot of trial and error. Trying the tips above on how to remove tear stains should eventually clear up the tear stains. 

Whether your dog is suffering from allergies or is dealing with a more serious health issue, the team at OVRS is committed to providing top-tier veterinary and emergency medicine. To learn more about our services, please call (248) 334-6877.