The Future Is Pets: Why Millennials Have the Top Spot as Pet Owners

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With more than $70 billion spent each year on pet food and care products, there’s no doubt that we love our dogs, cats, and other furry friends. In fact, 66% of all households in the United States have one or more pets. A house is not a home without whiskers and paws, after all.  

Most recently, Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) surpassed Baby Boomers as the generation with the most pets. And there’s no stopping this fur-crazed phenomenon with the arrival of the next pet loving generation!

The future stands to be bright for our four-legged pals, but why are younger generations taking the lead on pet ownership? OVRS is here to take a look at this trend.


Pet Technology: What’s the latest?

pet technologyWhen we’re away from our pets, we want to know they are safe, happy and staying out of trouble. With the latest Pet Technology, we’re able to interact remotely, keep our pets calm or entertained, and even monitor their health and safety. What are some of the best new Pet Tech items on the market?


Money Well Spent? ––Introducing The New Era Of American Pet Ownership

OVRS_iStock_000019749935_Large.jpgIn the not too distant past, dogs and cats spent the majority of their time outside and on their own. Many were working animals, earning their keep by herding sheep or cattle, defending the farm, keeping vermin out of the grains stores, etc. For many families, the idea of a pet sleeping indoors was distasteful, and the thought of pampering a pet unimaginable.

Cue 2015: It’s not uncommon nowadays to see dogs trotting down the street on the ends of jewel-encrusted leashes and dressed in expensive, name brand clothing, or to hear about a neighbor who spent thousands to pay for their beloved cat’s kidney transplant. There’s no doubt that a major shift in the American psyche has occurred regarding pet ownership. But just how did this shift occur and what has it meant for the veterinary and pet care industries?

Humanizing our Pets

Thanks to the humanization of our pets, which began more than 20 years ago according to Bob Veter, president and CEO of the American Pet Products Association, pet-related spending is ever on the rise as pets become more and more a part of the family. 2015 is set to be a record-breaking year with a projected $60.5 billion dollars spent on our dogs and cats.

As more and more young people delay starting a family, all that extra love, attention, and income gets showered on their pets. Empty nesters want a pet to pamper now that the kids are grown. Prospective grandparents, while waiting patiently for a human grandchild to appear, are opting to spoil their “granddog”. Couple all of this with an improving economy and you have the perfect recipe for a generation of pampered pets. Continue…

City Cats and Cosmopolitan Canines: Keeping City Pets Safe

Dog SalonFrom the clamor of our favorite deli to the all-night-lights of the city, residing in an urban area can be thrilling for humans. Unfortunately, the fast-paced urban life we enjoy can present challenges to maintaining our city pet’s well-being and safety.

Increased traffic puts many pets at greater risk for getting hit by a car. More people living in a concentrated area can also be equated with dangers such as access to potential toxins, open garbage cans, and city-dwelling wildlife. High-rise apartments also present the risk of injuries from falls, and newer homes and apartments often lack suitable enclosed areas for safely exercising our pets.

But, we can take some steps to make life in the city more pet-friendly, while increasing our pet’s safety in such a fast-paced, people-filled environment. Continue…

The Responsibilities of Pet Ownership

iStock_000016717969_SmallThe level of companionship and devotion you can get from a furry or feathered friend is unlike anything you can get elsewhere. Pet ownership can bring you years of rewarding experiences, but owning a pet is hard work, too. There are a lot of important responsibilities that you have to be willing to take on for the privilege of your pet’s love.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the responsibilities of pet ownership before they jump in. It’s important that you know what owning a pet entails before you adopt. Here are a few key considerations…


Owning a pet is a commitment for the life of the animal. Far too many people jump into pet ownership, only to return the animal to the shelter or give it away when they realize that they can’t live up to the care their pet needs. Know that you will be taking care of a life, and that that life is depending on you for its Continue…