If you are like most loving pet owners, you look for ways to treat your pet. Pet subscription boxes have become a popular choice for busy owners. The concept for this service is that a variety of toys and treats, and other fun goodies, come in the mail once a month. It’s a great way to keep your pet interested in their toys to encourage more exercise and mental enrichment

Since there are several options in cat and dog subscription boxes, Oakland Veterinary Referral Services has spotlighted some of our favorites.

Top 8 Cat and Dog Subscription Boxes

To narrow down some of the better boxes, we assessed value, contents, delivery, and other factors that make for a good option. These 8 choices pack a punch (and we ranked them in no particular order because they are all awesome).

  1. The Dapper Dog Box — This monthly subscription offers two big bags of delicious treats and chews for your favorite canine. What’s more exciting is that the box includes a new and unique bandana for your pup to sport while on their walks. Starting at $35 per month, this subscription also donates a dollar for every order to pet rescues. 
  2. BarkBox — One of the most well-known dog subscription boxes, BarkBox has a longstanding good reputation for providing quality. The boxes are full of toys and mouth watering treats for your pup. Along with this, you can customize each box to your dog, which includes what they prefer in taste and activities. They also do a great job of changing it up with each monthly box you receive. Subscriptions start at a reasonable $22 per month.
  3. Meowbox — Similar to BarkBox except for your feline friends, Meowbox offers a monthly array of cool cat toys and treats. For the pickiest of cats, they also let you request a “no treats” box with only toys. Since cats and boxes go hand-in-hand, the box itself will also become another interesting perk for your kitty. The subscription rates are also very reasonable at $22.95 per month or every other month. 
  4. PupBox — For the adorable puppy in your life who probably chews through every toy, comes the PupBox. This age-based box of super cool things for young puppies is a must. PupBox personalizes their boxes to meet the needs of your puppy’s age and interests. They include a good assortment of toys and treats. Prices start at $29 per 12-month subscription to $39 for a one-month subscription.
  5.  — — Another excellent choice for the feline in your life. This subscription features all natural treats and a selection of toys that are sure to keep your cat purring. You can also choose from several health and hygiene options, if you have everything you need in toys and treats for your furry friend. Monthly boxes range from $19.99 to $29.99. 
  6. VetPet Box — This new service features veterinarian-approved products for cats and dogs. Each box comes with two toys, treats, and specialty items like supplements and grooming needs. Each of these are handpicked by the company’s veterinary consultants to encourage a healthier choice for your bestie. Prices vary depending on how you customize your pet subscription box.
  7. Dog Smile Club — Most pets have some form of dental disease by 3 years of age. This is why keeping your pet’s pearly whites in good shape is so important to their overall health. If you are a dog parent who is concerned about keeping your dog’s dental health top of mind, this subscription box focusing on dental health is perfect and is available through BoxDog. 
  8. PetTreater — Another affordable option for cat and dog subscription boxes is PetTreater. Each box offers a few exciting toys and treats for your pal. They also have a multipet box that includes more of all of the things your pets love. Starting at $15 per month, it’s a steal. 

Have you tried out any of these pet subscription boxes? Do you have a favorite? There’s definitely several out there that provide fantastic toys and treats for your bestie. We would love to hear about your experience with dog and cat subscription boxes. Feel free to comment on our Facebook or mention it to us next time you are in.