Animals are truly remarkable creatures that enhance our lives in ways we don’t even realize. The human-animal bond has been known to lower stress, provide socialization, and give a sense of community and belonging. While dogs may often get the glory when it comes to heart-warming stories, cats deserve their turn in the spotlight. The healing power of cats is truly impressive, and here are five stories to prove it:

Healing Power of Cats: Walter Saves Hazel

Walter, who lives with his humans in Dorset, England, has saved his mother’s life dozens of times. Hazel, a Type 1 diabetic, has experienced blood sugar drops while sleeping that could have been fatal without the help of her diligent cat Walter. Since cats have a sense of smell that is 14 times stronger than humans, Walter can smell when Hazel’s blood sugar drops too low. Without his feline sense of smell and insistence to wake Hazel when it happens, she might not still be here.

Healing Power of Cats: Sam Helps Conquer PTSD

Sam was a therapy cat who found his way to a war veteran suffering from PTSD. Sam’s presence, soft fur, and healing purrs helped his human center himself when he started having an episode. Their bond helped the war veteran finally face and deal with his trauma, which helped him heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. He even started to help other veterans suffering from similar issues. 

Healing Power of Cats: Muffin Bonds with Jake

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects people in a myriad of ways. For 7-year-old Jake, the disorder made it difficult to interact with others. When Muffin came into his life, he finally found another being with whom he could interact as himself. Muffin loved Jake unconditionally, no matter how he communicated or acted. That gave Jake the confidence he needed to start interacting with others. Muffin helped Jake learn how to make connections with others so he could start living a less isolated life.

Healing Power of Cats: From Stray to Therapy Cat

When Hazel, a stray, first found herself in the shelter, her kidneys were failing. Although the veterinary team was able to save her, she will need continued monitoring and fluids for the rest of her life. She might have had a hard start to life, but she soon found her calling as a therapy cat for others with special needs.

Healing Power of Cats: Tommy Sees with His Heart

Although Tommy the cat lost both of his eyes at a young age, it did not dampen his spirits. The blind cat still loves to go on adventures, walk with his human, and meet new people. He is also a registered therapy cat. During his tenure, he has visited (and helped) seniors, hospital patients, students, and even employees in workplaces. His empathy and kindness are contagious, and it is hard to be in a bad mood around this special kitty.

We hope you’re convinced of the healing power of cats through our stories. Cats, despite many memes and jokes, love their humans and can make their lives better just by being there.

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