life hacks for dogs ownersWho knew that tea bags absorbed odor from stinky shoes, or that toilet paper tubes work perfectly for organizing electronics cords? “Life hacks” such as these give us cheap, effective ways to stay organized, manage our time, and overall maintain our productivity in a fast paced world.

Dog owners can benefit from useful tips and tricks as much as anybody, which is why we’ve compiled our top 10 favorite life hacks for dog owners. Enjoy!

Life Hacks For Dog Owners

  1. Fur removal solutions –Instead of buying expensive lint rollers to remove fur from upholstered furniture, simply rub a damp rubber or latex glove over the area. A wet squeegee can be used to remove dog hair from the carpet before vacuuming, which keeps the vacuum rollers from becoming clogged with fur and leaves your carpet cleaner than ever.
  2. The amazing carabiners – Keep a carabiner clipped to your dog’s leash, it can be used to secure the leash to a post, tree, or café table, as something to wrap plastic waste bags around, or to attach multiple leashes together when walking more than one dog.
  3. DIY slow feeders – There are plenty of benefits to slowing down your dog’s rate of eating (or should we say ‘gulping’?). Instead of purchasing a maze or puzzle feeder, try using a muffin tin to spread your dog’s kibble, smear a cookie sheet with wet food and sprinkle kibble on top, place a ball or other object in the bowl that your pup would have to move around in order to eat, or simply toss the kibble onto a rug so he or she has to do a little bit of hunting for dinner.
  4. Befriend the Dremel – Nail clipping is an important part of your pet’s grooming regimen, but many pet owners understandably balk at this stressful task. With a little patience, many dogs can be trained to accept having their nails filed down using a Dremel tool. Make sure you trim longer hair around the toes first so it doesn’t get caught in the tool.
  5. Chewing solutions – If you have a problem chewer on your hands, you can keep the destruction to a minimum by using bitter apple spray
  6. Bad breath? – No problem! Mix a little parsley in to your dog’s dinner to naturally freshen breath and add essential vitamins to the diet (parsley should not replace regular tooth brushing and dental care, if your dog’s breath is an issue please bring him or her in to see us).
  7. Easy organizing – An inexpensive shower caddy can be hung in a closet or garage and used to store pet care products, extra treats, leashes and more.
  8. Pool party – Do you have a water loving pup but no pool or beach nearby? Fill up a plastic kiddie pool in the yard, throw a few waterproof dog toys in, and your dog will be set for a day of fun in the sun. Water play is also the perfect way to keep cool on a hot day and prevent heatstroke in dogs.
  9. Winter is coming – Snow and ice can do a number on a dog’s sensitive paw pads. Spread a thin layer of Vaseline on each pad before going for a walk or romp in the snow to safeguard against injury.
  10. Burn energy – If you’re having trouble wearing out a high-energy pooch, have him or her wear a vest and carry water, waste bags, etc., on walks. The vest gives your dog a “job” to do and the extra weight will help tire him or her out (plus now you don’t have to carry anything!).

What are your favorite life hacks for dog owners? Let your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services know the next time we see you.