easy pet costume ideasModern pet owners know that costumes aren’t just for people, and if you can’t imagine your pet celebrating Halloween without an adorable ensemble, you’ve come to the right place. Our easy pet costume ideas will have your little buddy looking festive, feeling good, and won’t tax your budget!


Easy Pet Costume Ideas

When it comes to pet costumes, less is definitely more. Check these simple and festive ideas:

  • Bandana love – All pets look adorable in a Halloween bandana, or alter an existing bandana to create a Halloween look.
  • Try a tutu – A tutu on a dog? Yes please! Buy one ready made or make a dog friendly option.
  • Harry Potter – Harry Potter is the perfect combination of cute and creepy, and pets look super cute dressed up in this easy DIY costume.
  • T-shirts galore – T-shirt or sweatshirt based costumes tend to be simple and cost effective, use an old human shirt or a pet-sized shirt as the base of a variety of costumes such as a ladybug, dinosaur, or superhero.
  • The classics – Sometimes the old standbys are where it’s at, such as a pair of bat wings or a sweet pumpkin costume.
  • Keep it simple – For those of us with limited time, no crafting skills, or pets that are very resistant to wearing any type of costume, a Halloween patterned collar is the perfect way to make sure your pet stays in the spirit of the holiday.

Safety Reminders

Of course we aren’t going to discuss easy pet costume ideas without also including some safety tips:

  • Make sure your pet is able to breath, see, drink, eat, and vocalize with ease while wearing a costume
  • Your pet’s costume should not inhibit his or her movement in any way
  • If part of the costume goes around your pet’s neck, ensure that it fits properly and doesn’t pose a risk of strangulation
  • Removing any dangling or easily chewed-off bits (such as buttons, bows, and baubles) that may cause choking
  • Avoid elaborate masks or head pieces that could obstruct your pet’s vision or hearing
  • Give your little buddy ample time to adjust to his or her costume by trying it on several times before the big day (this also gives you a chance to make any necessary safety adjustments)

Pet costume safety also involves taking your pet’s individual personality and tolerance levels into consideration. Watch your pet closely for body language that indicates that the costume is uncomfortable and either make adjustments or remove it altogether.

Your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services hope that you’ll bring in your four-legged ghost or goblin to see us soon!