Does your company offer fur-ternity leave? Many younger couples are foregoing having human children and instead brighten their lives with fur children. In the past, pet owners have not enjoyed the same workplace perks that parents of human children have, but that seems to be changing. Fur-ternity leave is a topic that’s trending, and with good reason. Providing benefits that meet employees where they are is a great way to inspire loyalty and worker retention. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? OVRS breaks down what fur-ternity leave really entails to help you see if it’s the right option for you.

What Is Fur-Ternity Leave?

While each company handles their furternity leave differently, the general gist is that companies offer paid time off for employees to spend time with pets, schedule veterinary visits, or, in sad times, have some bereavement leave after euthanasia. Other companies allow employees a certain amount of work-from-home days so they can spend time with their pets. 

Other companies allow pets to come into the office. This benefit can entice pet owning candidates to choose to work with you over other companies, and gives people a better work-life balance. A happy employee is much more likely to be a good employee, which can benefit both you and your team.

The Ins and Outs of Pet Leave

Before you officially enact a paid pet leave policy, it is important to think through all possible scenarios. Are you offering this leave for just dogs and cats or all pets? Do you have a limit on the amount of time off you’d like people to take? When exactly can someone request this type of leave–is it just for people adopting new pets? Or for those that need a little time to decompress with a furry friend? It’s important to have all the particulars in place so you and your employees know exactly what to expect from fur-ternity leave. 

What About Office Pets?

While most people love having pets allowed in the office, there are some people who do not. Whether they are afraid, have allergies, or just prefer to work in a space that is animal-free, it’s important to make sure everyone feels comfortable with your policy. If there are only one or two employees who do not want you to have pets in the office, you can either set up a separate work space for them or allow them to work remotely. Be aware that you might have to reconsider the policy if there are a lot of people who feel uncomfortable sharing their work space with an animal. 

Is some form of fur-ternity leave or pet benefits right for your company? At OVRS, we love anything that means we get to spend more time with our furry friends. Our specialty veterinary services are here to help you ensure that your pet is as healthy and happy as possible so you can enjoy more quality time together. To learn more about our extensive list of services, please call (248) 334-6877.