Ah, cats. These independent creatures sure do wrap us humans around their tiny little paws, even when they act aloof or indifferent towards us. Some breeds are known for being friendlier than others though. Think kitties that love to cuddle and won’t shun you when you try to get close. This list of friendliest cat breeds will give you a great place to start when looking for a feline that will visibly love you as much as you love them:

Friendliest Cat Breeds #1: Persian

One of the calmest of the cat breeds, Persians tend to enjoy peace and quiet. This means that they will love curling up on the couch on a rainy day just as much as you do. These cats tend to do well with some kind of structure and routine. They will love it if you spend a lot of time at home. While they are not overly hyper (and don’t need to play for most of the day), they genuinely do enjoy spending quality time with their humans. They will show you plenty of affection.

Friendliest Cat Breeds #2: Scottish Fold

Not only are these cats calm and adaptable–and completely adorable–they also get along well with kids and other pets. If you are looking for a cat breed that fits in perfectly with a household that is already full, the Scottish fold could be a great option for you. Unlike many other cat breeds, Scottish folds actually do not like spending time alone. They often do best in homes with at least one other pet. They will definitely give you plenty of cuddles and might even curl up on your lap for movie night. 

Friendliest Cat Breeds #3: Maine Coon

Larger than many other cat breeds, the main coon is known as a solid companion. With their silky, long hair, it feels extra special when they climb on your lap and let you play with their coat. They also are known for making happy sounds that let you know when they’re feeling content. Smarter than some other breeds, main coons can also often learn a few basic commands.

Friendliest Cat Breeds #4: Siamese

Siamese cats are known to be curious and loving. This makes them an ideal companion for someone who wants a cat that is a little more interested in humans than some other breeds. Wherever you are, they want to be. If you’re on the couch, sitting at the table, or working at your desk, you can expect a Siamese cat to be as close as possible. They are also not afraid to make noise to get your attention if you aren’t fawning over them. Siamese cats often do well with other cats. Cat companions can help them run down some of their excessive energy before it’s time to snuggle with their favorite human. 

Friendliest Cat Breeds #5: Ragdoll

Not only do Ragdoll cats love lounging on your lap, but they will also often meet you at the door when you get home for the day. Ragdolls are sweet and get along well with other animals and children. They also tend to relax on the ground instead of jumping all over your house.

These are 5 of the friendliest cat breeds available if you’re looking for a devoted cat companion. Whether you are looking to adopt your first kitten or need specialty veterinary medical care for your senior cat, Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is here for you. We want you to have easy access to the care you need for your pets. Call (248) 334-6877 to learn more.