OVRS_iStock_000051074990_LargeIf you are like many pet parents, your holiday gift list will naturally include your pet. And, there are so many wonderful options when it comes to toys, gadgets, and other pet products for our pampered fur friends.

At Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, we have taken time to spotlight a few of our favorites this season. After all, we are certain your pet has been nice, never naughty, and is definitely deserving of some great seasonal surprises.

Purrfect Pet Products for Kitty

Sure, your curious cat may prefer that empty cardboard box when all is said and done, but these products just may pique her interest. Maybe even enough to dissuade her from climbing the curtains (at least, for a little while).

  1. SHRU – This magical egg-like interactive toy is a great option for enrichment and exercise. It even has multiple play modes to make a fun companion for your easily bored, ultra-smart cat.
  2. DJ Cat Scratching Pad – What’s better than combining your cat’s love for scratching stuff with your love for music (and humor)? And, imagine the photo ops!
  3. Sleepypod – Yeah, so your cat’s favorite activity may not be riding in the car, but this cozy, aesthetically pleasing bed/carrier/car seat makes the experience less daunting. (The bed part of it will be acceptable anyway.)
  4. Birbug – There will be no fat cats in the house with the Birbug. This quintessential cat toy will have him pouncing, flying through the air, and getting all of the exercise he needs to be healthy and happy.
  5. Katris – Allowing your cat to climb, lounge, and scratch, Katris is a hip, modern version of the traditional cat tree, and can be put together in multiple ways for any apartment, condo, or home.

And, Gifts for Doggy, Too!

Thankfully, canine companions are pretty easy to shop for. Whether treat or toy, your best dog buddy will jump for joy with any new gift from you.

These are sure to please.

  1. Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl – The perfect choice for dogs who tend to eat too quickly, this mealtime game will prove delicious and provide important mental enrichment.
  2. Tuffy Destructosaurus Dog Toy – Does your dog chew through each new toy in lightning speed? Then the Tuffy toy might be the best gift choice for the dog who needs a tough toy for his chew time fun.
  3. FitBark – Gauge your pet’s activity 24/7 to determine where changes need to be made (such as in the case of weight loss or weight management) or to monitor any differences in energy levels over periods of time (helpful info for your veterinarian, too).
  4. iFetch Too – Keep your doggy moving while you are away at work through this amazing programmable ball thrower and continue the game of fetch throughout the day.
  5. Self-Warming Dog Bed – Your senior dog will dig the warm, cozy feeling of these self-warming beds, certain to keep him toasty throughout the winter months.

No matter what seasonal items you choose for your furriest gift recipient, don’t forget that your time and attention is the very best gift of all.

Happy shopping from the staff at OVRS!