Christmas ShnauzerYour pet may not need or appreciate a new LED TV, golf clubs, or the newest best-seller, but there are lots of things you can give your pet this holiday season to show your love and affection. Your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services have put together some ideas to get the ball rolling towards the best holiday your pet has ever had.

In The Kitchen

Your pet’s meal time is truly important, so why not ship out the old dishes your pet has been eating out of since infancy? Personalizing a new food and water bowl or upgrading to a new water fountain that filters and circulates drinking water are wonderful ways to show you care. Your pet may value a new platform that raises the level at which he or she eats.

You could also get creative with homemade treat recipes. There are many kinds of wholesome ingredients to make your pet feel special and healthy.

The Great Outdoors

Your pet may relish opportunities to get outside, but the old collar, harness, or leash he or she is sporting is probably starting to wear out. Spark up Sparky’s interest in exercising by outfitting him or her with new gear. Choose from all sorts of fabric, styles, and fits, or even consider a light up leash to get around the block at dawn or dusk. Personalizing a new tag is a fabulous way to finish this gift, too.

Spice up your pet’s wardrobe by giving him or her a new hoodie, sweater, rain jacket, or booties. Not only will he or she remain dry and warm, but will be the most stylish pet on the block this winter.

The Sweet Spot

Your pet may already have a comfortable place for naps and household observation, but if you are looking for something truly extraordinary, consider a new place for your pet to hang-out, such as:

  • Hammocks
  • Wall or window-mounted perches
  • Tunnels
  • Cat or dog houses
  • New pet bedding or an embroidered blanket

Special Pets, Special Presents

Other ways that will show you care might include:

  • Grooming – Providing an opportunity for your pet to look and feel his or her best includes a possible trip to a local groomer, purchasing new special pet shampoo or conditioner, or a certain type of brush for your pet’s beautiful coat.
  • Toys – Your pet needs to play in order to thrive. By purchasing some new playthings, your pet continues to learn and his or her activity levels increase. Chewing, chasing, batting, and pouncing are normal behaviors for your pet and allowing them opportunities to play is a great way to show your love.
  • Scratching Posts – Scratching is good for your cat and giving a new place to scratch will go a long way with your feline.

Happy Holidays from OVRS

We hope our gift ideas are useful to you as you celebrate with your pet and family. Before giving any pet presents, make sure that all items are free of tags, ribbons, or other entanglements and, above all, enjoy the time you share together.