Giving You and Your Pet a Stress-Free Holiday

A holiday centric photo of a yellow colored dog wearing novelty reindeer antlers and panting.

Can you feel it? The frazzle with the dazzle that comes this time of year. Chances are, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the holidays, your pet may be feeling it too. Stress during the holidays is common, and you may have found ways to cope with it, like meditation and yoga. But what about your pet? 

Oakland Veterinary Referral Services aims to give you our suggestions for keeping the chaos from causing issues with your pet. Here are some of our favorites for giving your pet a stress-free holiday.


Party Animal: Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe During Parties

pet safe during parties

What crowd-loving canine (or curious cat) doesn’t love to be the center of attention during any festivity? Some pets are highly socialized and enjoy all of the pats and treats, while others are curious or want to take advantage of food opportunities. Other pets may feel anxious or overwhelmed by the noise and the crowd.

This holiday, ask yourself whether your pet should be part of the reveling, or whether you should make other arrangements. Think ahead about your pet and plan how to keep pet safe during parties while you focus on your guests. Here are pet-safe party tips from the team at OVRS.


Fourth of July: Now That It’s Over, What Did You Learn About Your Pet?

learn about your petWhew! Independence Day was one amazing holiday. From its signature display of fireworks to its call for the ultimate all American burger (you still won’t share your recipe, right?), we think most people agree that the Fourth of July is pretty darn great.

However, now that the fun is over, what did you learn about your pet? Did your pet spend part of the holiday trembling in fear? For most animals, this holiday isn’t on their list of favorite things. It’s noisy, scary and filled with tempting people-food. Let’s take a moment to review some of the things you may have noticed and can learn about your pet this Fourth of July that you may want to think about for upcoming holidays.


Beer, Burgers, and Pet Safety: 5 Tips for Enjoying Memorial Day Weekend with Your Pets

Memorial Day weekend is the official launch to summer. Consisting of cold brews, volleyball, barbecue, and relaxation, this is the weekend where we launch into summer food and fun. While we appreciate this holiday weekend, it’s important to keep in mind that pet safety becomes an issue when you combine food, alcohol, and plenty of distractions.

With a few precautions, though, you and your furry pals can party it up this weekend – without putting them in danger. To learn more about how to have a great long weekend with your pet, read on.


Barking Up The Right Tree: The Best Pet Presents

Christmas ShnauzerYour pet may not need or appreciate a new LED TV, golf clubs, or the newest best-seller, but there are lots of things you can give your pet this holiday season to show your love and affection. Your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services have put together some ideas to get the ball rolling towards the best holiday your pet has ever had.

In The Kitchen

Your pet’s meal time is truly important, so why not ship out the old dishes your pet has been eating out of since infancy? Personalizing a new food and water bowl or upgrading to a new water fountain that filters and circulates drinking water are wonderful ways to show you care. Your pet may value a new platform that raises the level at which he or she eats. Continue…

December Holiday Decoration DON’Ts – What Every Pet Parent Should Know

iStock_000007953420_LargeSo, now that Halloween has come and gone and the turkey and gravy have been feasted upon, it’s time to break out those boxes in the garage and decorate! It is a common scene after Thanksgiving: the stringing of lights and the decking of halls… But, like other holidays, if you share your home with a cherished pet, you’d better keep a keen eye on your fur buddy around the bedazzling display of holiday décor.

On the Tree

The ideal way to protect your pet from the perils of the Christmas tree is to simply keep your four-legged friend away from the tree unless you or a family member are present. If that’s impossible, keep lower branches somewhat bare or opt for unbreakable, large ornaments at your pet’s level.

No one likes to deal with a downed tree after a rowdy game of chase (we suggest anchoring it), or a favorite ornament lying broken on the floor (a tempting toy for your feline), there are a few decorations that can create real emergencies for our pets. Continue…