If your pet is incontinent, you may wonder if your pet needs diapers. If your pet is geriatric or has certain health issues, you may have noticed that they are having increased accidents around the home. When your pet is unable to control these functions, it is a challenge to keep up with the cleaning. It is equally hard on your pet who is dealing with the condition.

Pet incontinence can be due to a number of factors, but it is especially challenging when the pooping and peeing are uncontrolled. Your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services are here to discuss how best to help your best friend at this difficult time.

The Reasons for Incontinence

When the muscles and nerves within the bladder and urinary tract or bowel begin to weaken, incontinence can become a problem. This can lead to involuntary urination (peeing) or defecation (pooping) that can progressively become worse, depending on the reason for incontinence. 

These are underlying conditions that contribute to pet incontinence.

Pet Diaper Varieties

If you walk down a pet supply store aisle, you may feel overwhelmed with the varieties of cat and dog incontinence diapers available. Which one should you choose?

Some of the more popular styles include:

  • Band wrap — This style is designed for male dogs, as it fits around the belly across the groin. Many pet owners choose this style for dogs prone to marking around the home. This snug-fitting diaper resembles a large bandaging wrap. 
  • Full diapers — These diapers are primarily used for female dogs, as well as dogs who have problems with holding their excrement. This design covers the entire rear end, with a hole for the tail.
  • Cat diapers — Cat diapers are similar to full dog diapers, except most can be washed and re-used. 

Some pet owners opt to keep their pets in an enclosed, tiled area with lots of newspaper and puppy pads. This is sometimes useful after a pet has had surgery or is recovering from an injury. Baby diapers can also be a cheaper solution, but you must cut a hole to make room for the tail.

Basic Care When Your Pet Needs Diapers

If your pet is unable to “hold it”, you can assume they will need extra attention in the bathing and grooming department. Ensure that you choose a diaper that will fit your fur friend properly, snug but not tight. Regularly check your pet’s diaper and change it out when it is soiled. Dirty diapers can result in skin irritation and infection, as well as bad smells.

If you would like more information on incontinence in dogs, or how to tell if your pet needs diapers, please call us. We can provide additional assistance to your special pal.