Hot days call for cool treats. With a huge variety of DIY and premade frosty dog treats, you can include your canine companion in on the fun. If you are looking to keep your pup cool with a delicious treat this summer, try out some of these frosty (and easy) options:

Peanut Butter Crunch Frosty Dog Treats

This delicious, refreshing treat only has two ingredients. Simply combine one 1 cup of peanut butter with a ½ cup of your dog’s dry food. Place into a mold, freeze, and voila! You have a fun and nutritious treat for your pup this summer. Since it’s frozen, it will take your dog a little longer to eat than a normal treat, which keeps him entertained longer. 

Ice Cubes with a Twist Frozen Dog Treats

You can turn any dog-safe liquid into delicious frozen dog treats for the summer. Fill an ice cube tray with some beef or chicken broth (make sure there’s no salt added), freeze, and let your dog enjoy. You can even hide a little treat inside the ice cubes by placing a blueberry, a piece of strawberry, or a piece of freeze-dried meat inside the liquid. If you opt for this kind of treat, fill the tray halfway with liquid, add the treat, then add the rest of the liquid before freezing.

Dog-Friendly Ice Cream Frosty Dog Treats

Although it is not a daily treat, dog-friendly ice cream can be a special addition every once in a while. All you have to do to make it is to blend some fruit with some unsweetened yogurt. Take some fruit (watermelon or cantaloupe are good and safe options), and make sure to get rid of all seeds. Cut it into small pieces and freeze for at least four hours. Once ready, put it into a food processor with ¼ cup of plain, unsweetened yogurt for every 2 cups of fruit. Serve the final product right away. Be sure that your yogurt contains no sweetener (especially xylitol). 

Frozen Apple Carrot Cubes Dog Treats

If simplicity is your game, these frosty treats are for you. All you need to do is combine 1 peeled carrot, 1 apple (remove the core and the seeds), and ½ a cup of water. Put all the ingredients into your blender or food processor until pureed and smooth. Pour into an ice cube tray, and freeze. Make them in bulk so you have easy access to these delightful frozen treats for your pup.

Authentic Dog Ice Cream

If you want your dog to enjoy some frosty dog treats this summer but you don’t want to make them, have no fear. There are plenty of premade options that are safe for your dog. Brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Frosty Paws, and Dogster have some delicious treats you can buy at the store and pop in your freezer. Be sure to check with your veterinarian before serving treats like these just to make sure your pup will be able to safely enjoy them.

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