Valentine's Day with a PetAs Valentine’s Day approaches, do you find yourself wondering what type of treat to purchase for your precious pooch or cuddly kitty? Are you almost as (or maybe more) excited about spending the evening curled up by the fire with your four-legged-friend than your significant other? When you think of love, is your pet one of those that comes instantly to mind?

If this sounds like you, rest assured that you are not alone. According to a recent survey from the National Retail Federation, one in five Americans will be pampering their pets this Valentine’s Day, spending an estimated $703 million on pets from dogs to goldfish (yes, even some goldfish get gifts on Valentine’s Day).

At OVRS we love all pets and can’t imagine not including them in our Valentine’s Day celebrations! We have put together a list of fun and unique ways you can show your best pal just how much you care.

Exercise – Why not start the day with an activity that is good for the heart, both yours and your pet’s? Whether you brave the weather for a winter walk or vigorous fetch session with Fido or enjoy a friendly game of feather chase with Fluffy, your pet will benefit from the extra attention and physical activity.

Gifts – It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a gift (or two, or three) for your beloved pet. Think new red collar, or heart shaped ID tag, or a catnip mouse. Or pop over to Pinterest and delve into the DIY world of pet gifts if you’re so inclined.

Grooming – A clean pet is a happy pet. If it’s been awhile since your pet has been to the groomer, treat him or her to a “spa day” this month. Or take matters into your own hands and groom your pet at home. This may not top your pet’s list of pleasurable activities, but he or she is sure to feel much better after a good clean up, and the extra cuddles from you will make it worthwhile.

Treats – It’s never a good idea to share chocolate and other sweets with your pet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t say “I wuv you” with food this Valentine’s Day. Peruse your local pet-supply store for interesting, healthy treats, or better yet whip up a batch of homemade dog or cat treats. Heart-shaped, of course.

Spread The Love – Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by adding a new, four-legged Valentine to your family. There are hundreds of pets in shelters and rescues throughout Southeast Michigan who would love nothing more than to become a permanent member of a loving family. Not ready to take the plunge just yet? Consider donating funds or material goods to your local shelter in your pet’s name.

Spending this Valentine’s Day With Your Pet…

Make sure not to forget to give your pet the best Valentine’s gift of all: you! What your pet loves most of all is your time and attention. Spending this Valentine’s Day with your pet, sharing a little quality time cuddling with or playing with your pal, is the best gift of all!