Overrated Pet Trends: Over-the-Top Grooming

You’ve probably had at least one video on your feed of a dog who visited the groomer and left looking like a zebra or other animal. It is very trendy to request hair dye for a pooch or a fancy, silly cut. While most dye is safe for pets, this trend requires a lot of maintenance. Once you start, it’s pretty hard to stop cold turkey. Many people also believe there’s an ethical dilemma with these unique grooming trends because you can’t ask the animal if they want it. Regular grooming and bathing has many benefits for pets, but you might want to consider keeping it routine instead of asking the groomer for a fun and crazy hairstyle for your furry friend.

Overrated Pet Trends: Designer Pets

The trend of buying purebred pets from irresponsible breeders has always been frowned upon by animal lovers and veterinary professionals. Many breeders practice unhealthy and unsafe techniques that lead to animals who are more prone to developing issues like hip dysplasia, blindness, deafness, and other serious issues. With so many pets waiting for their forever homes in shelters, buying a “designer” pet to be trendy means there will be even more loving animals waiting to be adopted.

Overrated Pet Trends: Fad Diets for Pets

Animals have specific dietary needs that set a foundation for health and wellness. While fad diets might use a lot of buzzwords that catch your attention, many of them can be challenging and/or lacking nutritionally. You should always check with your vet before changing your pet’s food. Overrated diets usually depend on you to ensure that all the nutrients your pet needs to stay healthy are included and that key elements are balanced. It’s not easy. Overrated diets for pets can:

  • Grain free
  • Vegan
  • Raw food diet
  • Homemade diets (these can be good for pets, but only if they are balanced and not  lacking in important nutrients)

Do research before exposing your pet on any diet that seems to be trending. New diets can offer certain benefits, but they could also be doing more harm than good for your pet.

Overrated Pet Trends: Supplementing without Veterinary Approval

There are many animal supplements available that reportedly provide a whole host of benefits. You can find everything from CBD to probiotics for pets with a variety of health and anxiety issues. While there are plenty of supplements that can be helpful for animals, it is best to talk to your veterinarian before starting anything new. Your pet should be getting all the nutrition they need from their food. If they’re not, your vet might suggest starting with some dietary changes. Supplements may be used to, well, supplement your pet’s diet, but only use them once you get the okay from your veterinarian. And beware that many come from countries with few controls.

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