ovrs-iStock_000003633022_LargeYou can just envision it: the tiny party hats, the decorated dog biscuits, and a clown bending balloons into the shapes of little humans. OK, maybe not the clown… but, it is a fact that pet birthday parties are becoming quite the trend among pet parents.

And, why not? Our pet companions are oftentimes very much like our kids and hold an important place in our hearts and homes.

Throwing the Perfect Dog Birthday Party

So, what does a birthday party for fur friends entail?

There are many ways to celebrate your birthday pooch – from themed costume parties to catered picnics especially for canines. To give you ideas, we have compiled a list of some of the trendiest activities and what you will need to throw your pet’s birthday bash.

Select your theme – This one is going to be hard, right? Especially when there are so many adorable themes to choose from. To narrow it down, consider the breed and personality of your best friend. Some examples include:

  • Superheroes
  • Sports teams
  • Favorite artists
  • Divas and pop stars

RSVP, please – Now that you have your theme, create a guest list (vaccinated, parasite-free, and well-mannered guests, of course) and begin making your invitations. You can get creative by using graphic design software or an array of your favorite birthday boy or girl’s photographs. If you aren’t crafty, there are several selections online for purchase.

Party (p)etiquette – Nothing can ruin a great party like being unprepared for a doggie with a food allergy or a noise phobia (when the party poppers start popping). Along with their RSVPs, ask guests to detail any food allergies, behavioral challenges, or special requests to make sure the party is fun for all.

The grub – You know this is what everyone – dog and human alike – is waiting for! Consider an array of healthy dog snacks, homemade biscuits, and fresh veggies, like steamed carrots or green beans. You can find a fantastic assortment of pet friendly feasting recipes on Pinterest.

Don’t forget your two-legged pals! Offer a selection of hors d’oeuvres and finger foods, or chomp down on a selection of grilled meats and salads.

Games and prizes – Offer a few fun activities for your doggie guests, such as an obstacle course in the backyard or a dog-pet owner relay race. Prizes can include pet supplies, a coupon for grooming, or a spa day gift certificate for the pet parent.

Gifts for human guests – Little take-aways, such as homemade dog treats wrapped in cute gift boxes, will add a certain posh charm and be a hit with friends and neighbors.

The spirit of giving – Finally, the gifts! While it may be tempting to want to lavish your pet in new toys and treats, think of the celebration as an opportunity to help strays or other animals in need and ask for donations to a favorite shelter or animal charity in place of presents.

OVRS is also happy to mention that our friends at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital can help you with all of your pet party planning needs at a very reasonable price. Give them a call to learn more. Or enter our August drawing to win one of these birthday parties! [link to contest page]

And, happy birthday to your special, one-of-a-kind fur kid!