iStock_000022798967_MediumOakland Veterinary Referral Services is dedicated to providing our pet patients and human clients with cutting-edge medicine and surgery capabilities. We are proud to be one of the premier emergency, specialty and referral hospitals in Michigan and are excited to share with you that we are continuing to grow.

Internal Medicine at OVRS

Pets become sick or injured, and their diagnosis and treatment isn’t always easy, especially when the problem is internal. We have more medical treatment options today, but pet owners have higher expectations for the help available to cure or heal their beloved pet.

The OVRS internal medicine department is top notch and we continue to add staff, equipment and expertise. Our existing team of outstanding internal medicine specialists are all board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

This month, OVRS Drs. Aunna Lippert, Cheryl Rice, and Timothy Becker are excited to welcome Dr. Jennifer Clooten to the internal medicine department. Dr. Clooten is no stranger to OVRS, having worked with us in the past. She earned her DVM from the University of Saskatchewan in 1999 and completed her internal medicine residency at The University of Guelph. We are very excited to welcome her to our family.

She will join our internal medicine team to provide a wide variety of services and treatments for our pet patients that include:

  • Stabilization for critical patients
  • Diagnosis and management of complex problems including gastrointestinal disease, kidney disease, liver disease, immune problems, infectious diseases, respiratory disease, urinary tract disease, and blood disease.
  • Endoscopy
  • Diagnostic imaging including ultrasound and digital radiographs
  • Biopsies and sample collection

Our Surgery Department

Our surgery team is growing as well. Drs. Lucy Henney, Craig Riggs, and Saundra Hewitt are happy to have brought Dr. Marco Cervi to the team in July. Dr. Cervi graduated with his DVM from Ontario Veterinary College in 2003 and completed his surgical residency at Veterinary Surgical Associates.

All of our surgeons are board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons and bring world-class expertise to our hospital. Some of the procedures that our team performs include:

The OVRS team also has a variety of complementary therapies available to help speed your pet’s recovery. We regularly utilize techniques including Game Ready cryotherapy and shockwave therapy to aid in healing and pain relief.

With our expansion comes a greater availability to help you and your pets. With our new additions we will be able to offer more scheduling flexibility and additional procedures. Thank you for trusting OVRS with your pet’s care. Without you, we could not continue to grow and advance.