Playful CatDo you bring a new dog toy home from the store just to have it destroyed in a matter of hours or days by your exuberant pup? Does your energetic  kitty shred every toy you buy? Or, worse yet, shun the expensive store bought toys in favor of your favorite slippers or the corner of your new chair?

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or don’t consider yourself to be the crafty type, our list of fun, economical, and Earth-friendly DIY pet toys is sure to please your furry friend, without taxing your budget or your patience.

DIY Pet Toys Made Simple

What better way to save the Earth, and your pocket book, than by whipping up a new toy for your pet out of items you already have lying around the home?


  • Do you have an old tennis ball or empty water bottle, a shirt or dish towel that you no longer need, and an energetic dog? If so, this DIY water bottle dog toy might be just the thing for you.
  • Speaking of balls, try this extremely affordable ball toy using only a tennis ball and an old sock.
  • For the price of some rope and a couple of sweet potatoes, you can put together a healthy and fun activity to keep your dog busy while you’re out of the house.
  • Nothing could be simpler than repurposing an old towel into a sturdy, and washable, tug toy.
  • There’s no sense in purchasing an expensive food puzzle for your dog when you can make one for free using a plastic container and some treats.


  • Recycle those old Amazon boxes into these adorable cardboard mice. Because they’re so easy to make, you (probably) won’t mind if kitty destroys one in minutes. Just throw together another one!
  • What cat doesn’t love a good feather chase? Forget wasting money on store-bought feather chasers, make your own with a little bit of felt and leftover holiday jingle bells.
  • Even if you don’t have a cardboard toilet paper tube or cork at the moment, chances are you will soon. Check out these 20 DIY cat toys you can make at home.
  • It’s a rare feline who doesn’t enjoy the smell and taste of catnip. Treat your cat to a yarn ball catnip toy, perfect for whiling away a rainy afternoon.
  • This toy is so easy it’s silly: simply wad up a piece of paper (bills work great for this), get kitty’s attention, and toss the wadded up paper down the hallway. Free and easy fun!

In addition to food, water and snuggles, your pet needs plenty of exercise, play and mental stimulation. Oakland Veterinary Referral Services hopes these easy DIY pet toys get you off to a great start!