Diabetes in pets requires a little extra time and attention. With the help of your veterinarian and new advancements in diabetes technology, it is easier than ever to keep your pets healthy and their blood sugar stable. Here are some of the diabetes management tools for pets you’ll need to help manage your furry friend’s diabetes. We recommend:

cat with diabetic management tools

Glucometers for Your Pet

If you have to give your pet insulin, it is very important to give them enough to get glucose into the cells but not too much that it causes their blood sugar to drop to dangerous levels. Glucometers let you measure your pet’s glucose levels so you know exactly how much insulin you need to give them (if any). Here are a few of the best glucometers:

  • Pet Control HQ Blood Sugar Monitor System: This glucometer can be used for both cats and dogs and has veterinary approval. This glucose kit is easy to use and provides quick (and reliable) results. Add this into your pet diabetes management routine to keep them at healthy blood sugar levels. 
  • Test Buddy Glucose Meter: Another glucometer that can be used for both dogs and cats, this model lets you test your pet’s glucose levels in about 10 seconds. You can test on the ear or the paw without the need to do any coding on the monitor. 
  • AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitor: With just a small blood sample, this glucometer lets you check your dog or cat’s blood glucose levels. It’s easy to use and gives fast results to help you safely manage your pet’s diabetes at home. 

Pet Insulin Pens

Insulin pens are insulin delivery devices that you can use at home. Shaped like a pen, they are easy to hold and come in either single-use or refillable versions. You can easily change the dial at the bottom to select the amount of insulin to inject. When ready, simply press the trigger button to give your pet the insulin he needs. Here are some great insulin pen options to help you manage your pet’s diabetes:

  • Lantus SoloStar: This insulin pen comes prefilled and must be refrigerated until ready for use. Before injecting, be sure to roll the pen back and forth in your hands to get it to a uniform temperature and appearance. Shake it until the contents look milky white. 
  • Semglee Insulin Pen: Semglee offers an alternative insulin pen. With an easy-to-select dose pointer, you can be sure your pet is getting the exact right amount of insulin each time. 
  • Vivi Cap Multi-Model: This option can be used for both prefilled and refillable insulin and is insulated for protection against extreme temperatures. 

Veterinary Diabetes Apps

There is a great selection of apps to help you manage your pet’s diabetes. Whether you need help keeping track of injection times or want a record of glucose levels, there is an app for you. Here are just a few of the impressive ones available:

Because you love your pet and want them to be with you and healthy as long as possible, use these diabetes management tools for pets to manage your pet’s diabetes.
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