To most pet owners, there is no greater crime than animal cruelty. Unfortunately, it is something that is still far too prevalent in our society. Instead of feeling like a hopeless bystander, here are 5 simple ways that you can combat animal cruelty.

Combat Animal Cruelty: Say Something

Many of us have probably seen some form of animal cruelty or neglect. Does your neighbor’s dog spend the majority of its time outside and bark for hours on end? Have you noticed a local stray with overgrown fur that refuses to make eye contact with humans? It’s easy to simply go on with our days and forget what we saw. Letting someone know about the issue can prevent it from happening any more, though.

If you ever witness any acts of animal cruelty, there are a few different ways you can report it. Call your local animal control, law enforcement, or humane society and let them know what you saw. Signs of animal cruelty and neglect include:

  • No shelter
  • Mange
  • Starvation
  • Unsafe conditions
  • Collar too tight
  • Physical abuse
  • Obvious fear of humans
  • Overly aggressive animals

Making one phone call can help prevent further abuse and neglect for these poor animals.

Combat Animal Cruelty: Prevent Overpopulation

Overpopulation wreaks havoc on important community resources that can help keep other animals safe from cruelty. One small, but important thing you can do to combat this is to get your pets spayed or neutered. The fewer stray animals looking for homes, the more that organizations fighting cruelty can make a real difference. Preventing overpopulation allows the available resources to be used more effectively. 

Combat Animal Cruelty: Donate to Anti-Cruelty Organizations 

There are plenty of organizations working tirelessly to improve conditions for animals everywhere. Donating time, money, or even supplies can help them achieve these goals. Some local organizations working to save animals in our area are:

Combat Animal Cruelty: Teach the Next Generation

One of the best things you can do to protect animals and combat animal cruelty is to lead by example. Show your children how to safely and respectfully interact with animals. You never know who is watching you. A simple walk through your neighborhood behaving as a responsible, loving pet owner can make an impact. 

Combat Animal Cruelty: Foster Pets

Fostering pets helps keep the shelters from becoming too overcrowded. Providing a safe and loving temporary home for an animal is a sacred act. Consider giving them a space to feel comfortable and free to be themselves while they wait for their forever home. The more pets you can foster, the more you can be sure they are avoiding cruel, inhumane conditions. 

At Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, we work tirelessly to keep animals safe and healthy. Our team is knowledgeable and compassionate and loves helping animals in any way we can. To learn more about our specialty veterinary services or how you can help, please call (248) 334-6877.