Zoonotic Diseases and Your Pets

iStock_000020257269_MediumAre you familiar with the term ‘zoonotic’?

Zoonotic diseases are those which can be passed between animals and humans. And, with more and more homes in the United States having pets, it is important to understand these types of diseases and how to prevent them.


Rabies may seem like a far-fetched possibility, but a lot of people forget how scary rabies can be, and how common the disease is. The rabies virus can affect any mammal and is transmitted through saliva. In all mammals it invades the central nervous system, causing neurological signs and eventually death.

There is no cure for rabies, so it is very important keep your pet up to date on his or her vaccination. Pets who are unvaccinated and potentially exposed to rabies are recommended by the CDC to be euthanized or kept under strict isolation for 6 months. Continue…