Common Challenges with Shelter Pets

A dog peers from behind a cage

Adopting a new pet is an exciting time, especially when you’re also doing good by choosing a shelter dog or cat. Adoption helps free up rescues and shelters, provides love, housing, and care to homeless pets, and creates an awareness of the importance of adopting versus buying pets. Some of our most loving and loved pets have come from shelters or rescues, but these pets can also come with challenges.

The team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services wants to cover a few common challenges with shelter pets or rescues, in order to better prepare you for a successful and informed adoption process.


Fourth of July: Now That It’s Over, What Did You Learn About Your Pet?

learn about your petWhew! Independence Day was one amazing holiday. From its signature display of fireworks to its call for the ultimate all American burger (you still won’t share your recipe, right?), we think most people agree that the Fourth of July is pretty darn great.

However, now that the fun is over, what did you learn about your pet? Did your pet spend part of the holiday trembling in fear? For most animals, this holiday isn’t on their list of favorite things. It’s noisy, scary and filled with tempting people-food. Let’s take a moment to review some of the things you may have noticed and can learn about your pet this Fourth of July that you may want to think about for upcoming holidays.


Snooze Fest: Stimulation For A Bored Pet

7Hills_iStock_000006967561_LargeVeterinary medicine and nutrition are good for your pet, but pet owners shouldn’t overlook environmental enrichment and stimulation as important components of an animal’s overall health and wellbeing. Even the most dedicated or involved pet owner may start to notice the tell-tale signs of a bored pet; especially if you’re walking by the same ol’ smells, day after day.

Life gets hectic, we all get a bit older everyday, and the old antics from kitten or puppy hood give way to a more sedentary life. Even for pets that have a stretch of backyard to play in, boredom (and maybe even bad behavior) can easily set in. But, with a new approach to your pet’s environmental enrichment, it doesn’t have to be this way. Continue…

Pet Anxiety – Thunderstorms, Fireworks, and Your Pet


While you may think of the Fourth of July as great holiday full of fun, friends food and fireworks, your pet might not be as fond of it as you are. If your pet shows signs of fear around loud or unexpected noises, then he or she will most likely have issues with the loud bang and pop of fireworks.

Fourth of July fireworks aren’t the only thing that can cause pet anxiety this time of year, though. Spring and early summer mean storm season, too; with booms of thunder and flashes of lightning. Many pets are fearful of these loud sounds that come along with these thunderstorms.

What the Problem Is

It’s not just the noise of fireworks and thunderstorms  that might spook your pet. The lights and smell of fireworks can also cause a panic, just like the flash of lightning can scare your pet. His or her first instinct is going to be to run and hide. If your pet is loose outside, their fear or panic could cause them to bolt. Continue…