The Right Diet and Lifestyle for an Allergic Pet

allergic pet

An allergic pet may suffer from excessive itching, watering of the eyes, diarrhea, or many other symptoms. An allergic dog or cat may be in chronic discomfort, so a worried pet owner will try any number of things to alleviate their pet’s distressing symptoms. These may include trying different medications and diets or switching shampoos.

Nutrition is a big factor in helping many allergic pets. The important thing is to understand your pet’s allergies, including food allergies, and the impact of diet and lifestyle. 


Springtime Woes: Seasonal Allergies in Pets

A puppy sitting in a green grassy area scratching itself behind the ear.

It’s finally Spring, with the sun sticking around a little longer each day, and the early buds beginning to raise their heads. Unfortunately, seasonal allergy woes of itchy noses and watery eyes have also arrived–for both pets and humans.

Allergies, including the seasonal kind, affect our four-legged friends, too. In fact, your pet may have them year-round, or just when certain things are in full bloom. They can cause irritation and discomfort, and can even become a long term problem for a furry family member.

The team at OVRS takes a closer look at allergies in pets, and how they can be treated.


Allergy Testing for Pets

itches puppyIf you have a dog or cat with allergies, you probably know how frustrating the symptoms (and your pet’s suffering) can be. Just as with people, there is no cure for allergies in pets. Instead, owners and their veterinarians are left to try to manage the symptoms as best they can.

For some pets, we are able to help the immune system to become less reactive to allergens. You may know a person who needs to get allergy injections periodically. This type of treatment, called immunotherapy, is available for pets as well, and can result in decreased sensitivity to allergens, and decreased allergy symptoms. But, if you’re interested in getting a pet started with immunotherapy, it must begin with allergy testing.

Allergy Testing for Pets

The term ‘allergy testing’ is a little misleading. We are already pretty sure that patients undergoing testing have an airborne allergy, but this type of testing will assess what, exactly, your pet is allergic to. This is done by testing the pet’s skin reactions to a variety of allergens that are likely to be contributing to the pet’s Continue…

Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Allergy-Free Dogs

A warm or dry nose means a dog is ill.  Fiction.  Dogs have sweat glands between their paw pads.  Fact.  Your pooch’s saliva has healing properties.  Fiction.  You dog has three eyelids.  Fact.  There is such thing as a hypoallergenic dog.  Fiction.  Wait… what?  Yes, that means your precious Poodle isn’t doing your nose any more favors than any other breed. Continue…