To Love Again: Adopting After Losing a Pet

loss of a petThe loss of a precious pet is one of the hardest things a pet owner can imagine, and the process of grieving and coming to acceptance takes time. This period of time is different for everyone, and the extent of the grieving process is unique to the individual. However, for most pet lovers, a house is just not a home without a loving purr or a wagging tail.


Mr. Miggs’ Story

Mr MiggsHello! My name is Dr. Jessica Ottnod, a Veterinary Oncologist with Oakland Veterinary Referral Services in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I want to share the special story of how my dog, Mr. Miggs, became part of my life. I believe destiny was at work to bring us together.

Mr. Miggs is originally from Alabama’s gulf coast. He somehow made his way to a small kill shelter that was not able to take in many stray dogs. Fortunately, the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, IL, is a fantastic organization that sends out vans all over the country with a mission to rescue dogs from kill shelters. Mr. Miggs happened to be one of the lucky few.


Mutts Vs. Purebreds: What Pet Owners Need to Know

mutts vs purebredsProspective pet owners have a lot to think about before committing to bringing home a new, four-legged family member. Although many of us gravitate toward a specific pet breed, there are concerns about the overall health and hardiness of a purebred pet, not to mention a desire to help pets in need by adopting from a shelter or rescue. Thus, we may find ourselves struggling with the age-old debate of mutts vs. purebreds.

Genetic Concerns

Inherited diseases and disorders affect all pets, regardless of breed or background, but a purebred animal runs a higher risk of suffering from one of the many damaging genetic conditions. Although there are no hard and fast statistics on the subject, it goes without saying that breeding animals that share similar genetics is going to increase the likelihood of passing on diseases or conditions they may share.


Changing the Life of a Pet

CountryLakes_iStock_000054522158_LargeJust about every animal lover has a story about how a pet has touched or changed their life. Have you ever stopped to think about how we can return the favor?

January 24th is Change a Pet’s Life Day, and what better time to consider the options. Keep reading to find out how each of us can go about changing the life of a pet for the better.

Changing the Life of a Pet in Need

Taking some of your time or resources to help animals in need can go a long way towards changing the life of a pet. Even just a little effort can make a positive difference and there are so many ways to improve a pet’s life. Consider:

  • Adopting a pet in need of a loving home (one of the biggest ways to help!)
  • Spreading the word about the benefits of pet adoption
  • Fostering a pet who is looking for a forever home
  • Volunteering your time at a local animal shelter or rescue organization
  • Signing up your pet to be a blood donor
  • Donating to a worthy pet charity such as the TEAR Foundation
  • Collecting money or needed items such as blankets, food, and toys for donation to a local shelter
  • Helping to build shelters for feral cats
  • Spreading the word about animals in need by talking to your friends and family
  • Spending time with a neighbor’s or family member’s pet that could use a little extra love

What other ways have you found for improving a pet in need’s life?

Changing Your Pet’s Life

Let’s not forget our furry family, either. Changing the life of a pet can start in your home. You hold a lot of power over being sure that your pet’s life is a positive, happy one.  Take steps to help your household residents by:

  • Providing responsible and timely wellness care
  • Spending quality time each day with your four-legged friend
  • Taking steps to prevent pet emergencies
  • Making sure your pet has good manners
  • Socializing your pet with other animals or people
  • Engaging your pet in regular walks or exercise
  • Trying a new activity like an agility class, a hike, or playing a new game with your pet
  • Providing good nutrition and care every day at home
  • Investing in pet insurance to help make unplanned care expenses possible

Animals do so much to enrich our lives and uplift our souls, so the OVRS staff thinks it is only fitting that we dedicate at least one day a year to changing the life of a pet. It doesn’t take much, they are not demanding or greedy and give so much back. A little bit of your time and love is all it takes to make a huge difference in the life of an animal.


Pick Me, Pick Me! Choosing a Dog to Adopt

ULVH_000032050296_MediumDeciding to adopt a pet can be a big decision. If you have thought long and hard about taking the plunge, you know that making that commitment can be difficult. Once you have decided to adopt, however, the hard part is just beginning.

If you have ever visited an animal shelter, you know how hard it can be to pick just one. There are tons of great pets just waiting to be adopted; how will you know which one is the right fit for your family? If you are taking a trip to the shelter in the near future, be sure to read our guide on choosing a dog to adopt. Continue…

Choosing a Pet: Finding Your Perfect Match

OVRS_iStock_000017127254_XXXLargeHow many pet owners have succumbed to the trendy cuteness of the labradoodle, the exotic curiosity of an iguana, the beauty of a Afghan hound, or the novelty of the “fit-in-your-purse” teacup chihuahua, only to realize the pet isn’t a good match with their overall life and lifestyle? The sheer number of chihuahuas currently in shelters across the US illustrates why choosing a pet is more than a preference in appearance or cute factor.

Choosing a pet should encompass a plethora of factors: your lifestyle, living situation, personality, and schedule AND the specific physical and behavioral needs of the species and breed of animal. Continue…

Choosing the Right Pet

Kittens Look

Adopting a new pet into your home and family is a big decision. Or, it should be. For many of us, the pets we adopt become our best friends and closest companions, so it’s only natural that we want the best pet possible. Likewise, as pet owners we need to know that we can meet our pet’s needs and give them the best possible life, too. Here are a few things to consider when adopting a pet… Continue…

The Joys of Pet Adoption

Why adopt a pet when you can purchase exactly what you want from a breeder or a pet store?  loss of a petHere are a few reasons why!

  • You can feel good about putting a small dent in the pet overpopulation problem.
  • Every time you look at your new pet you will know that you saved a life.
  • You know what you are getting- if you take home an adult animal you know what size, temperament, and medical issues you might be taking on.
  • Many times adopted animals come fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered.  One less thing to worry about!
  • You will know for a fact that you are not supporting puppy mills or other irresponsible breeders.
  • Your new pet will likely come potty trained and socialized!
  • When you adopt a pet you inspire others to do the same.

So, inspire us!  Share your adoption story with us in the comments section or on our Facebook page.  We can’t wait to hear about how you and your pets found each other!