Cat or Dog Scared of the Vet? How to Create a Fear-Free Visit

You know the routine…As soon as you get the carrier out of the closet, your cat goes AWOL. The situation only becomes more dramatic once you get them in the car and simply escalates in the clinic lobby. Or, as soon as your dog realizes that you’re on the way to the vet, they give you the stink eye or try to hide. 

Fear of the vet is common among many pets. If you have a cat or dog scared of the vet, how can you ensure good veterinary care without the fear and drama? The team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is trained to help reduce fear and stress once your pet is here. Our suggestions for reducing your pet’s anxiety and creating a less fearful visit can help you reduce the drama before your visit and while you’re waiting. 


Fear Freesm Veterinary Visits: The New Face of Pet Care

Veterinarian and CatEvery pet owner has experienced that feeling when you know that your pet should probably be seen by a veterinarian, but you’re hesitant due to the stress you know it will cause. Many pets miss out on basic wellness care and even sick care due to their fear of coming to see us. Things are changing, however, and Fear Freesm veterinary visits are becoming the trend. Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is happy to embrace this trend and help more pets get the fear-free care that they deserve.