Chasing Rabbits: Do Dogs Dream?

Do dogs dream? Most dogs spend a lot of time snoozing. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation reports that our four-legged friends average 12-14 hours a day in slumber. Dogs who are ill, puppies, and seniors sleep more. 

Since they sleep so much, we’ve wondered if dogs dream similarly to humans. After all, we’ve witnessed their strange twitches and muffled barks as they catch their Zzzs. Oakland Veterinary Referral Services decided to uncover whether dogs dream by looking at recent research, as well as personal observation.


Addressing Behavior Problems in Dogs

A dog stands defiantly looking with a sandal within its bite.

What steps should you take to address behavior problems in your dog? In a perfect world, our beloved pooches would be wonderful in every way. They would always respond to our commands and never cause trouble. The reality, though, is that most dogs do have a few behavior issues. You can easily address some behaviors with basic training and socialization, but sometimes that isn’t enough. What steps do we take in addressing more serious behavior problems in dogs?  

The team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is here to address behavior problems in dogs and offer some helpful solutions.


Breaking Up is Hard to Do:  Preventing and Dealing with Dog Fights

Cordova_iStock_000028058734_LargeIt is a scary experience that, unfortunately, many pet owners have experienced first-hand: Dog fights. Be it between your own pets, at the dog park, or with a stray animal coming into your yard, dog fights are one of the leading causes of injuries that we see.

It is important for pet owners to be know how to help prevent aggression problems where possible and know what to do when dog fights do break out.

The Drive to Fight

Inter-animal communication can be a complicated thing, and sometimes fighting is a way for pets to sort out issues. In order to prevent fights where possible, it is important for dog owners to understand why dog fights occur. Continue…