City Cats and Cosmopolitan Canines: Keeping City Pets Safe

Dog SalonFrom the clamor of our favorite deli to the all-night-lights of the city, residing in an urban area can be thrilling for humans. Unfortunately, the fast-paced urban life we enjoy can present challenges to maintaining our city pet’s well-being and safety.

Increased traffic puts many pets at greater risk for getting hit by a car. More people living in a concentrated area can also be equated with dangers such as access to potential toxins, open garbage cans, and city-dwelling wildlife. High-rise apartments also present the risk of injuries from falls, and newer homes and apartments often lack suitable enclosed areas for safely exercising our pets.

But, we can take some steps to make life in the city more pet-friendly, while increasing our pet’s safety in such a fast-paced, people-filled environment. Continue…