An Integrative Approach to Cardiopulmonary Disease in Dogs

Cardiopulmonary disease in dogs affects the heart and lungs. An integrative approach pairs the disease treatment expertise of Western veterinary medicine with early prevention and holistic health support of Eastern medicine.

Your friends at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services want to explain more about cardiopulmonary disease in dogs, its prevention, and an integrative approach to its treatment.


Helpful Tips for Finding a Dog Walker

A smiling woman holds four leashes with four dogs walking along a path.

Busy people or travelers can need help in finding a dog walker. Your dog loves his walks. You know he does! And your pet needs daily exercise, so what is the best solution when you are busy or away? A dog walker, of course. But how do you find a dependable, experienced one?

The team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is here to help you in finding a dog walker both you and your pet will love.


Does My Dog Need A Friend?

Two dogs lay in green grass, panting with happy facial expressions.

Everyone needs a friend. After all, it’s good to have a companion who understands you and respects your needs. But does my dog need a friend? The team at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services with our friends at is here to help you answer that question. 

Dogs belong to the Canidae family, i.e. the family of wolves and foxes. Fortunately, dogs are domesticated and social animals. They enjoy friendly interactions with familiar humans or other animals and tend to avoid isolation. 

That being said, every dog is different has its own temperament and preferences. Some dogs prefer to live alone with their owners, while others prefer having another dog friend in the house. How can you decide if your particular dog would enjoy having another dog in the house? It starts with a little observation and research. 


Can I Take My Dog on Uber and Public Transportation?

Can I take my dog on Uber or other public transportation? This is a question that comes up often. In today’s world, many of us need public transportation at some point. One of our primary modes of transit is Uber, or a similar rideshare service. A common question when you are traveling with a furry friend is whether you can take them with you.

Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is here to answer your questions about whether you can take your dog on Uber and other transit services.


Types of Dog Barks and What They Mean

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They always have our back, no matter what. Not only are they loyal, but they are loving, and great best friends for our kids. We just wish we could know what is on their minds.

How awesome would it be to get home from work, and be able to have a conversation with your furry friend about your day as well as their day? Believe it or not, you can interpret quite a lot about what they are saying through the types of dog barks you’re hearing. Your chats may not be long, but you can understand what barks mean to determine whether your dog is happy, sad, or something else entirely.