Breaking Up is Hard to Do:  Preventing and Dealing with Dog Fights

Cordova_iStock_000028058734_LargeIt is a scary experience that, unfortunately, many pet owners have experienced first-hand: Dog fights. Be it between your own pets, at the dog park, or with a stray animal coming into your yard, dog fights are one of the leading causes of injuries that we see.

It is important for pet owners to be know how to help prevent aggression problems where possible and know what to do when dog fights do break out.

The Drive to Fight

Inter-animal communication can be a complicated thing, and sometimes fighting is a way for pets to sort out issues. In order to prevent fights where possible, it is important for dog owners to understand why dog fights occur. Continue…

Veterinary Cancer Patient Emergencies and What to Do

Veterinarian Doctor Consulting Cairn Terrier Dog with StethoscopIf you have a pet who has been diagnosed with cancer, you already know that things aren’t always going to be easy. These special patients do need attention and TLC but, in your concern, it is also easy to become jumpy about every little thing and worry needlessly. Veterinary cancer patient emergencies do happen, though, and any pet owner who is caring for one needs to be aware of the signs of a truly urgent problem.


Special Needs of the Cancer Patient


The oncology department at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services understands that having a pet going through cancer treatment is not easy on either of you. We are very educated in the special needs of these delicate patients. Pets undergoing cancer treatment may have: Continue…

What the Heck is in My Pet’s Food? Understanding Pet Nutrition

OVRS_iStock_000059360494_LargeSelecting the right pet food can be mind boggling, and trying to understand the nutrition label can be even trickier. It can be a tempting topic to avoid but our pet’s diet is an important cornerstone to proper care. Every pet owner should learn the basics about pet nutrition, what it all means, and what to look for.

Avoid the frustration of trying to sort through all of the information yourself and let Oakland Veterinary Referral Services help you focus on the most important things to know.

The Importance of Pet Nutrition

Feeding your pet a healthy, well-rounded diet is essential to good health. Pet nutrition is an extremely important part of animal husbandry. While there are many acceptable ways to feed a pet, every balanced diet includes several components: Continue…

Winning the Battle of Understanding Cancer in Pets

OVRS_iStock_000052688484_LargeIf you have a pet who has been diagnosed with cancer, things are scary enough. To make things, worse, though, the oncology world is filled with jargon and terminology that can intimidate even the most scholarly of pet owners. Take a moment to let us explain some oncology basics so that you can feel more confident in understanding cancer in pets.

Not All Cancer is Equal

Understanding cancer in pets can be difficult unless you have a good grasp on what cancer actually is. All of the tissue in our pet’s bodies are made up of individual cells. Under normal circumstances these cells grow and divide in an orderly, regulated manner. Cancer occurs when these cells begin to grow uncontrolled. Continue…

Do Animals Dream?

OVRS_iStock_000022080452_LargeAsk most observant pet owners whether animals, such as cats and dogs, dream and you are likely to get a lot of anecdotal (and endearing) stories. From the soft yips of a snoozing puppy to the whisker twitches of a feline friend, it’s a fair assumption that our pet companions also experience dreamtime.

But, is there actually any scientific proof behind this assumption?

The Studies of Animal Slumber

From rats to cats, the subject of dreaming in animals has been a focus of research and debate for decades. And, the common denominator of dreaming is a stage of sleep known as REM (rapid eye movement). Continue…