Celebrating Life: Memorializing Your Pet

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Celebrating Life: Memorializing Your Pet

SONY DSCThere is no denying the profoundly intense bond many of us feel with our pets. Our four-legged friends take care of us just as much as we take care of them. Looking into their eyes is like peering into a well of compassion and unconditional love.

As pet guardians, we are all too aware of the fact that our pet’s lifespans are significantly shorter than our own. Even though we have to say goodbye, at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services we believe in celebrating the time that each of our pets spends with us and the impact they have had on our lives. Most are with us for many years and it’s like losing a very close friend or family member. Continue…

Everything You Want to Know About Black Cats and Halloween


iStock_000004259663_MediumIt’s Halloween, and images of black cats are everywhere. Have you ever stopped to wonder how the black cat became associated with the holiday? Keep reading to learn everything you ever needed to know about black cats and Halloween.

The History of Black Cats and Halloween

No one knows exactly how black cats and Halloween have become so closely linked. It may have something to do with how stealthy and slinky these beautiful animals can be, often hunting in the darker hours. Black and the night have long been symbols of evil due to the fears of our ancestors.

Many of the old Pagan religions also associated the black cat with witchcraft and evil. This carried through into Medieval times, where witches were said to take the form of a black cat at their will. During the witch trials, black cats were often burned at the stake alongside witches. Continue…

How Fluoroscopy is Helping Michigan Pets

Using fluoroscopy for less invasive surgeries

Using fluoroscopy for less invasive surgeries

While X-rays allow us to see inside your pet so that we can better diagnose and treat him or her, they have limitations. A technique known as fluoroscopy allows us to overcome some of the shortcomings of traditional X-rays which capture one moment in time. Imagine X-rays, only in motion! This technique is creating new options in interventional radiology, minimally-invasive fracture repair, and tracheal stent repair for our patients at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services.

What is Fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is a technique that uses low doses of continuous X-rays transmitted through the area of concern onto a fluorescent screen. These X-rays create a real-time moving image of structures within our patients’ bodies. This allows us to capture images, monitor procedures, and even manipulate the video as we work. Continue…

An Owner’s Guide to Lumps and Bumps on Pets

haired hunting dog on a black backgroundWhen you stumble across something on your pet that wasn’t there before, it can be a very disconcerting feeling. Is it a tick? A discarded piece of bubblegum? Cancer???

Pets often have such thick coats that we neglect to find small bumps until they become somewhat large. Some lumps and bumps on pets are no big deal at all, while others can be worrisome. Be sure you know how to handle your next bumpy encounter. Continue…

Nose to Tail: How to Perform a Pet Skin Check

dog trainingA pet’s skin is his or her largest organ, so monitoring and maintaining good skin health is an important part of having a happy, healthy pet. Allergies, irritations, infections, parasites, lumps and bumps can all affect pet skin. Take the time to learn how to perform a thorough pet skin check to be sure you are keeping your four-legged friend in tip-top shape.

How to Perform a Pet Skin Check

It is probably best to sit down once a month and really look at your pet closely. You may wish to keep a small notebook to document findings. Get comfortable in a well-lit area of your home. It is probably easiest to put small dogs or cats up on a counter so that you can really see what you are doing, but your lap will work too. Start at the nose and work your way back to the tail. Be sure to look at the following: Continue…