Lost And Found: Using Social Media To Find A Missing Pet

OVRS_iStock_000006837403_LargeAs a pet parent, the last thing you want is to discover that your dog or cat has gotten loose and is missing. You may wonder what you would do first? Who would you call? Where would you even begin to locate your missing pet?

First Things First

  • As soon as you discover that your pet is missing, contact the Bloomfield Township Animal Welfare department and the Oakland County Animal Control And Adoption Center to file a missing pet report.
  • Create a “lost pet” flyer complete with a photo of your pet and your contact info. Enlist family and friends to help post copies of the flyer in as many places as you can, such as lampposts, trees, veterinary offices, pet supply stores, dog parks, grocery stores, and gas stations. Always ask permission before posting a flyer.
  • Get on the computer and utilize as many social media sites as possible to aid you in your search.


Celebrating Responsible Pet Owners Everywhere

sweet brown labrador puppy licking the nose of a blond teenager girlWhat constitutes responsible pet care? Certainly most pet owners love their pets. What should that love in action look like though? Is it daily feeding and petting? Spoiling your pet with treats? What does it mean to be a responsible pet parent?

Our blogs usually focus on how to prevent health care risks, ways to improve pet health and quality of life, or various health conditions. In this blog, we want to describe our view of responsible pet care and celebrate the many responsible pet owners who provide exemplary care and love to their pets each and every day. Continue…

Surprise! Dog Birthday Parties Are In

ovrs-iStock_000003633022_LargeYou can just envision it: the tiny party hats, the decorated dog biscuits, and a clown bending balloons into the shapes of little humans. OK, maybe not the clown… but, it is a fact that pet birthday parties are becoming quite the trend among pet parents.

And, why not? Our pet companions are oftentimes very much like our kids and hold an important place in our hearts and homes.

Throwing the Perfect Dog Birthday Party

So, what does a birthday party for fur friends entail?