Sunscreen and Bug Spray for Pets

Funny dog on summer vacation at swimming poolWe are now deep into summer and we hope that you and your pets have been enjoying the great outdoors. If you have been outside much, though, you know how much of a damper the sun and bugs can put on your good time. Our four-legged family members are no different in this regard. Learn what you need to know about sunscreen and bug spray for your pets this summer season.

Sun Dangers for Pets

The sunshine holds lots of fun for people and pets alike, but we must always remember that its rays can be dangerous. Continue…

A Mega Mission for Canine Megaesophagus Awareness Week

OVRS_iStock_000009730375_LargeJuly 19th-25th is Megaesophagus Awareness Week and Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is on a mission to raise understanding about this condition. Keep reading to help us achieve our goal and learn about canine megaesophagus.

Mega What? Understanding Canine Megaesophagus

The esophagus is the tube that carries food from the mouth into the stomach. It is made up of muscle tissue. Normally the muscle of the esophagus helps to ease food and water into the stomach and prevent it from going the wrong way.

In dogs with megaesophagus, the muscle of the esophagus does not do its job. Food and water sit and often never quite make it into the stomach.

Canine megaesophagus can have several underlying causes. The most common of these include: Continue…

The Tick Boom and Your Pet

OVRS-iStock_000033327372_LargeTicks have been an increasing problem for people and their pets over the past few years. According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, reported cases of Lyme disease have almost doubled in two years, with the western region of the state seeing the highest number of incidents. And, while the tick boom has created a worrisome outdoor environment for people, pet owners are also concerned about keeping their pets safe from ticks and the diseases they carry.

An Animal Owner’s Guide to Pet Liver Problems

Man's best friendLiver problems are usually serious for a pet. As a pet owner, you want to better understand what is happening with your pet, even if they know he or she is in good hands. There are many different pet liver problems that dogs and cats can have. Read on to learn what you should know if your pet is having liver issues.

Pet Liver Problems: The Rundown

The liver is a very important organ, and pets and people alike need it to stay healthy. The liver has several vital functions including helping in digestion, aiding in proper blood clotting, regulating blood sugar, producing essential proteins, and detoxifying the blood. If the liver isn’t working right, serious problems can develop. Continue…