Beach Safety Tips for Our Lake Loving Canines

OVRS_iStock_000047035506_LargeSurf’s up in Michigan! (Ok, well, what we consider surf.) And, many of us, human or animal alike, can appreciate the cool lakeshore on a steamy summer day. Have fun at the beach and avoid these doggie dangers with a little beach safety awareness. High water levels, heat, and pet escape are among some of the possible pet perils.

To make yours and your pet’s summer extra cool, practice some of the following surf-n-turf precautions. Continue…

How to Handle a Pet Escape Artist

OVRS_iStock_000019191267_Large (1)You turn your back for a minute, and he’s off! A pet escape artist can maneuver through the narrowest of passages, wiggle under any fence, or slip through an open door with the stealth of a ninja – or at least it can seem that way. The truth is, when your pet likes to roam, there’s really no letting your guard down.

Pets escape for a number of reasons. Getting to the core of what prompts your particular pup or kit to want to wander is a good place to begin.

Understanding the Cause

Dogs and cats are natural roamers. Instinctually, many breeds can travel several miles each day, marking territory, communicating with other animals through scent, and seeking out a mate. However, when it comes to your beloved pet, we discourage the indulgence of these instinctual impulses through training, providing enrichment at home, and spaying or neutering before the first heat. Continue…

On the Forefront: VetCOT and Elevating Veterinary Trauma Care

OVRS_iStock_000015016040_LargeCutting edge veterinary hospitals like Oakland Veterinary Referral Services are joining together to form a national network of veterinary trauma centers. Hospitals in this network will work with the recently formed Veterinary Committee on Trauma (VetCOT) to produce a veterinary trauma registry, standardize trauma practice, and further trauma education. Learn more about why this and other work planned by VetCOT is so important for improving veterinary trauma care.


In human healthcare, it is common for hospitals across the nation to work based on the best practices in how patient care is handled. Veterinary hospitals, however, are traditionally privately owned and often work independently. This becomes particularly evident in trauma medicine, where hospitals may be working with dated, or less than optimal, trauma processes and knowledge. Continue…

Adventures in Dog Park Manners

When you think of taking your four-legged pal to the dog park, do any of the following thoughts come to mind?

  • Oh, great, my dog can play while I catch up on my phone calls, emails, texts…
  • Patches has been off the hook lately… think I will take him to the dog park to work off that destructive energy.
  • They always have water at dog parks, right?
  • Dang, I am in a hurry, but I’m certain they hire someone to clean up doggie messes.
  • My dog’s just naturally dominant, like the alpha, and that’s normal.
  • Snuggles is just a bit timid; I’m sure she’ll become more assertive in time.
  • If you confess to some of these misconceptions, hold the leash!