Veterinary Technician Specialties: Do You Have What It Takes?

OVRS_iStock_000015525355_LargeVeterinary medicine is a science-based field, and that means that every day there is more research being done and new findings happening that change the face of what we do. It has gotten to the point that no one person can be an expert in everything related to veterinary medicine.

In recent decades, veterinarians have trended towards specialization, with board-certified specialists focusing on surgery, oncology, internal medicine, critical care, and other areas of veterinary medicine. The veterinary technician field has followed suit, with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) Continue…

Hot-Weather Pet Safety Quiz

OVRS_iStock_000004595745_LargeHot weather dos and don’ts seem obvious where our pets are concerned. Do make sure there’s plenty of drinking water available. Don’t leave pets in the car. However, many of the activities our pets love, and we don’t worry about, especially away from home, can be riskier than you might think, especially in hot weather.

Try this quiz about hot weather pet safety – the answers (near the end) may surprise you!

Which of these situations may be dangerous (or at least very uncomfortable) for your pet?
(Assume drinking water is freely available.) Continue…

Basic First Aid for Pets

OVRS_iStock_000005845426_Large (1)No one wants to think about a pet falling victim to accident or illness, but most of us will agree that thinking about emergency preparedness is important. The reality is: accidents happen and sudden illness or symptoms of distress can befall any pet, even the healthiest. Because of this, having a basic understanding of how to administer First Aid for pets is an important skill for any pet owner and can even save the life of a pet. Continue…