Pets and Pain

Dog covering noseNo one likes to see their beloved pet in any kind of discomfort, but it can be difficult to know how to help your pet with chronic or intense pain. Pets are not the same as people so their pain must be handled differently, and even treating a dog’s pain can be quite different from treating a cat’s pain.

Knowing what to do in the event that your pet is suffering pain can help pet owners deal with this unfortunate but common occurrence of pet ownership.

Identifying Pet Pain

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle in addressing pet pain is knowing that it is there. Animals can be very stoic and many hide illness and injury very well. Be sure to pay attention to what is normal for your pet. Pets who are in pain may exhibit many or none of the following signs: Continue…

Enjoying A Safe Halloween With Your Pets

iStock_000028166570_MediumAutumn provides ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and make memories with your pet. From the inimitable sound of autumn leaves crunching beneath the paws of your pooch to the poetic way your feline gazes at the early sunset, this season is a special one for all. However, with Halloween’s approach, pet owners should prepare for the possible risks that also await their pets. Sure, there is fun to be had and treats to enjoy (we’ll get to that in a bit) but caution is also necessary in order to best protect your pet and avoid pet emergencies. Read on to learn more.

Spooky Can Quickly Turn Scary

Many pet owners decide to keep their pets inside starting at dusk on All Hallows Eve. Pets (including black cats, of course) can be at risk when it comes to senseless Halloween pranks. Keep Your Pet Safe by keeping him or her indoors after dark. You can even create a warm and cozy den for them to snooze in away from the shrieks and chatter of trick-or-treaters. Continue…

City Cats and Cosmopolitan Canines: Keeping City Pets Safe

Dog SalonFrom the clamor of our favorite deli to the all-night-lights of the city, residing in an urban area can be thrilling for humans. Unfortunately, the fast-paced urban life we enjoy can present challenges to maintaining our city pet’s well-being and safety.

Increased traffic puts many pets at greater risk for getting hit by a car. More people living in a concentrated area can also be equated with dangers such as access to potential toxins, open garbage cans, and city-dwelling wildlife. High-rise apartments also present the risk of injuries from falls, and newer homes and apartments often lack suitable enclosed areas for safely exercising our pets.

But, we can take some steps to make life in the city more pet-friendly, while increasing our pet’s safety in such a fast-paced, people-filled environment. Continue…

Intratracheal Stents for Pets

StentUnfortunately the diagnosis of a collapsing trachea is one all too many pet owners are familiar with. Small breed dogs, especially Toy Poodles, Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Maltese, and Pugs are predisposed to this condition. Many times pet owners learn to live with this problem and manage it medically, however some pets may need more aggressive treatment. We are happy to be able to offer tracheal stenting to these patients.

What Is Tracheal Collapse?

For some pets, breathing isn’t easy. The trachea, also known as the windpipe, connects the airway to the lungs. Normally it is a rigid tube made up of rings of cartilage that extend from the back of the throat, through the neck, and into the thorax. Continue…