OVRS Keeps Growing

iStock_000022798967_MediumOakland Veterinary Referral Services is dedicated to providing our pet patients and human clients with cutting-edge medicine and surgery capabilities. We are proud to be one of the premier emergency, specialty and referral hospitals in Michigan and are excited to share with you that we are continuing to grow.

Internal Medicine at OVRS

Pets become sick or injured, and their diagnosis and treatment isn’t always easy, especially when the problem is internal. We have more medical treatment options today, but pet owners have higher expectations for the help available to cure or heal their beloved pet.

The OVRS internal medicine department is top notch and we continue to add staff, equipment and expertise. Our existing team of outstanding internal medicine specialists are all board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Continue…

Endoscopy for Pets

Veterinarian With a BeagleVeterinary medicine has come a long way in the last few decades, mirroring human medicine more and more. We are able to provide so much more in the way of advanced diagnostics and treatments than ever before.

One of the more cutting-edge technologies being utilized by specialty hospitals such as Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is endoscopy. This newer diagnostic procedure can help us to diagnose and treat pets in ways that we never could before.

What is Endoscopy for Pets?

Endoscopy is a term used to describe a procedure in which an endoscope is used to look inside of an animal. An endoscope is a small camera with a light attached. This device allows us to get a good look at places inside the body that were previously not easy to access.

There are several types of endoscopy: Continue…

Feeding Tubes for Pets

Little sad dogMany pet owners are resistant to the idea of placing a feeding tube in their beloved pet. The thought of their dog or cat being “hooked up” to tubes can be scary, and placing a feeding tube sounds extreme.

In reality, however, feeding tube placement in animals is a very simple and helpful procedure that can help pets be stronger and healthier when they need it the most. Tube placement may be temporary or permanent depending on why it is needed and is often part of improving the quality of life for sick pets.

How Is a Feeding Tube Placed in My Pet?

There are a few types of feeding tubes that may be used. Pets who are having a feeding tube placed may receive a local anesthetic, light sedation, or a short anesthetic while the tube is placed. The most common types of tubes used at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services are: Continue…